Elizabeth Warren Was “Mean.” If Only She Had a Hanging Organ She Would Have Won the Debate

*Disclaimer: I will vote blue, no matter who. Last night’s debate was worth every minute of my life, that I’ll never get back. The gloves came off and we saw candidates fighting for the life of their campaigns; it had to happen. I forgive them for giving Don the con the night off. That said, … Continue reading Elizabeth Warren Was “Mean.” If Only She Had a Hanging Organ She Would Have Won the Debate

Who is Still Running for the Democratic Nomination?

Even a flawed human being, like me, might be disappointed to settle for an imperfect candidate to represent our political party. While no one is perfect, no one is more flawed than what we have in the White House now. I’ve said this before; I'd like to build my own candidate, taking qualities from each, … Continue reading Who is Still Running for the Democratic Nomination?

Sixth Democratic Debate

The sixth Democratic presidential primary debate was held Thursday, December 19, in Los Angeles- last night. We are down to seven candidates. The demographics are as follows: two women, one non-white male, and four white male candidates. There are several other candidates, who did not qualify for last night's debate, still running. The requirements were … Continue reading Sixth Democratic Debate

You Lost Me at Gabbard

Let me say up front, I’ll vote for whoever the democratic nominee is. I only ever vote that way. I am not one for bashing candidates who might end up as the nominee, but I think we can still discuss concerns. I’d vote for a ham sandwich at this point, and I’m a vegan, so … Continue reading You Lost Me at Gabbard

Breaking News We Knew

Today is a tell me something I didn't know, x3 kind of day. Shock is rippling through Washington DC with news of a disclosure detail in Trump’s massive Deutsche bank loans. Remember Don the con had filed bankruptcy six times, and not a single American bank would lend him an ear, much less money. The … Continue reading Breaking News We Knew

Andrew Yang Has My Attention

Let me start by saying that I will vote Democratic in 2020, no matter who ends up as our presidential nominee. We have several impressive candidates, but even the least impressive would be an improvement on what we have now. Elizabeth Warren is and has been my first choice to be the next president. She … Continue reading Andrew Yang Has My Attention