Shocked Again (Not Really) He Knew

It was 1972, when a young investigative journalist, Bob Woodward, teamed with Carl Bernstein while working for the Washington Post to uncover President Richard Nixon’s crimes in what became known as Watergate. Their investigations ultimately led to Nixon’s resignation. Has Woodward felled another criminal POTUS? The crimes of this one eclipse the crimes of the last, and Lordy, there are tapes.

On February 07, 2020, in one of several interviews with Bob Woodward, Trump explained how deadly and easily spread the looming pandemic was. He went on to explain his strategy to ”downplay” it’s virulence. He knew that long ago that COVID19 was no “Democratic hoax.”

Most shocking for the listener is the realization that IQ45 understood. He explains in his own (stupid) way, the difference between this virus and the typical flu. He accepted science as fact. Has he been playing dumb? I doubt that, but he knew. Trump not only knew and inferred that a highly contagious deadly virus was about to sweep the country but he intentionally misled millions of people, encouraging indifference to precautionary behavior that could have prevented much of it’s spread.

The tangerine man knew C19 was much more infectious than he led people to believe and he lied about it. What could be worse? Well, he methodically ordered the confiscation of personal protective equipment and ventilators from democratic states as they desperately fought to save infected patients. This isn’t indirect or incidental. This isn’t murder caused by negligence. This was a choice he made knowing people would die. He knew he lied and 200,000 people have died. More will die. This is mass murder. Tomorrow is 9/11, the anniversary of the day in 2001 when 3,000 people died after terrorists attacked the United States. It would take 66 attacks like 9/11 to kill 200,000 Americans.

Although the United States has only 4.23% of the world’s population, we suffer 25% of the world’s COVID cases.

Meanwhile, Trump and McConnell, (who also knew,) have been working diligently to end the Affordable Care Act and replace it with… NOTHING. This would not only result in millions of people losing their healthcare insurance, during a pandemic, but it would also take away protections for people with preexisting conditions. The American Heart Association tells us this infectious disease leaves 60% of its survivors with heart disease. That’s a lot of preexisting conditions. This administration is heartless.

By the way, I thought we knew Trump knew. I thought we discussed the briefings he chose to ignore and reinterpret. Still, this is the week’s big *BREAKING NEWS* story (another one) that will take him down. (yawn) What was it last week? Ah, yes it was the *BREAKING NEWS* that two years ago Dollhands called soldiers killed in combat losers and suckers.

The GOP is evil. Will this be what ends their reign? There are 54 days until the November 3rd Election Day. We can only hope people are motivated enough to vote and vote early if possible.

7 thoughts on “Shocked Again (Not Really) He Knew

  1. And yet his damn Barbie doll stands in front of reports and says, “He didn’t lie…..about Covid.” I hope that is not lost on anyone–that he did not lie about Covid. He lied about everything else. A leader keeps you calm? Really? How about keeps you calm as he tells you the worst news and how is going to protect you. Wow. What a concept. Now that would be a real leader–WHICH HE IS NOT. I swear, I do not see us being punished with 4 more years of this. I hope this is God’s way of saying–these past 4 years have been a test. This was only a test.

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      1. Unfortunately it is being spun up as the same-old, same-old. Which has two negative aspects for those who desire a regime change: one is that “the base” won’t even look at the content, and second is that it keeps the T name in the news, which also energizes the base. Remember that these people are reality show junkies who want excitement.

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