Why Are We Surprised?

Why are we surprised? When I say we, I mean you. This is old news. Trump is a five-time draft dodger, on tape in 2015 disparaging the military service of former United States Senator John McCain. McCain had been a prisoner of war in North Vietnam, offered an early release but refused to leave his fellow captives behind. On March 14, 1973, after having been tortured for five and a half years, he was among 108 prisoners released. The torture he had sustained in those years left him with permanent physical restrictions, such as the inability to raise his arms above his head.

Trump said of McCain: “He’s a hero because he was captured. I like people who weren’t captured.”

Trump called McCain a loser and was so proud of his words that he retweeted a report quoting himself.

The ”breaking news” this week which will supposedly result in Trump’s demise is that in 2018 when he refused to visit a World War I cemetery because he didn’t want his hair to get wet, he called the fallen soldiers suckers and losers who failed at their mission. Haven’t we heard this before?

Trump’s absence was commented on at the time by many, including Winston Churchill’s grandson:

“They died with their face to the foe and that pathetic inadequate Donald Trump couldn’t even defy the weather to pay his respects to The Fallen,” ~Nicholas Soames, Churchill’s grandson and a member of British Parliament.

World leaders knew why Trump missed the ceremony— RAIN. Justin Trudeau (sigh…) was one of many who threw him some shade.

Everybody but Trump walked in the rain to honor the fallen soldiers.

The news this week, likely leaked to the press by General John Kelly, is said to be the final nail in Trump’s reelection coffin.

We (you, ) are also newly outraged at Trump because he won’t condemn his mentor for the poisoning of Alexey Navalny, Putin’s political rival. Ridiculous. I don’t believe Trump is above poisoning his own opposition, so why would he condemn Putin?

Do you need further evidence that Trump doesn’t care about our military? He won’t confront Putin for paying Afghans to kill American soldiers. We knew that too.

Putin is blackmailing Trump, whether it’s with proof of his pedophilia or the financial rescue that has left Trump in his indentured servitude—perhaps both. Either way, Trump is afraid of Putin. He would never denounce him.

We all saw his body language after their private meeting in Helsinki.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy to see these stories getting the attention they deserved two to five years ago, but why were they ignored by the masses then? Why have we had to suffer this long? Our divided democracy has been left on a precipice by a leader whom we did not elect. Why are veterans just now seeing Trump for what he is?

This week’s news that Trump called veterans losers and suckers is supposed to finally be his downfall—really? Pardon my yawn.

Trump’s grandfather, who made his fortune in America via alcohol and prostitution, fled Germany to avoid mandatory military service, we knew that. When gandpimp tried to take his new wife back to Germany with his ill-gotten gains, he was turned away because of his cowardice. We have since known four generations of Trumps in America, and not one has served in the military, they have only served themselves.

None of this news is new.

We have less than two months until election day. Early voting starts in many states this month. I plan to avoid the chaos at the polls on November 3rd by voting via a mail-in ballot which I will hand-deliver. If I don’t receive my mail-in ballot by the time early voting begins I’ll vote early in person. Either way, I will vote early and avoid the compromised USPS.

To you who are so easily stunned, this is fair warning: there will be “October surprises,” leaked to the press much like Hillary’s email dump two weeks before the 2016 election. Expect to see Barisma in the news. The company Joe Biden’s son worked for in Ukraine was hacked, and it is assumed that Russia planted fabricated evidence of some wrongdoing that will be exposed just prior to November’s election. This is what Russia does, and we know that. We know that just like we have known all of this. Clearly, we will still be taken by surprise because no one has been listening.







14 thoughts on “Why Are We Surprised?

  1. Sigh. Unfortunately all this does put the name out. Bad press is still press, and it plays into his hands. He shouldn’t be asked about this…it gives him a microphone. The press should report it then not give him or his stooges a stage. Better yet, give a lot more press to the peaceful BLM protesters and not focus on the ones who are doing violence with the extra air time.

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  2. “The thing that hath been, it is that which shall be; and that which is done is that which shall be done: and there is no new thing under the sun.” ~ Ecclesiastes 1:9
    ~~~”Oh yeah, ya think that’s bad? You should hear what he said about….!” Everyone has to get their full share of lamentations and outrage in the cacophany…join the club. None of this is new…as you pointed out and why does it matter now? I’m not sure it does…it’s just adding to the heap in time for elections. And I TOTALLY expect all kinds of chaos and mischief-making in the ‘last hours’

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