Shocked Again (Not Really) He Knew

It was 1972, when a young investigative journalist, Bob Woodward, teamed with Carl Bernstein while working for the Washington Post to uncover President Richard Nixon's crimes in what became known as Watergate. Their investigations ultimately led to Nixon's resignation. Has Woodward felled another criminal POTUS? The crimes of this one eclipse the crimes of the … Continue reading Shocked Again (Not Really) He Knew

Two Weekends, Three Political Events

Two events took place, this past weekend, neither of which caused me regret in my failure to secure an invitation— The White House Correspondence dinner, which Trump avoided, and a MAGA Rally in Michigan, which Trump’s team appears to have put together to give Trump an excuse to avoid the afore mentioned dinner. A brief … Continue reading Two Weekends, Three Political Events

Donald Trump, Another Day

Whether you think bombing Syria was warranted or not, Donald Trump’s decision to launch airstrikes without the approval of congress was illegal. I think even Trump would agree with that statement... were he not the potus of whom I speak. And just like that, the awesome force of a US airstrike succeeded in redirecting worldwide … Continue reading Donald Trump, Another Day

When TRUMP Acts Guilty… a limerick

~ Nixon and Trump, often set side by side Watergate, Russia—sautéed, deep fried Nixon's goal, who knew 1972 Trump had help in 16. It's denied ~ Both attacked our democracy, Constitution, elections free The rule of our law A muse, Putin saw Trump should try an insanity plea ~ There are similarities. ~ Nixon attacked … Continue reading When TRUMP Acts Guilty… a limerick