My “Where Were You When” Story

“The graveyard shift requires a gentle soul to soothe the sleepless to sleep or keep them company until tagging with the Morning Report team.” ~unknown My intention in writing this post is not to relive the horror. I have done that far too often, reading every report and watching every video. I am in hiding … Continue reading My “Where Were You When” Story

The Truth About 9/11 and Donald Trump

Nineteen years have passed since that horrific Tuesday morning of 9/11/2001. The world as we knew it changed. 3,000 people died. While most of us were stunned speechless, Donald Trump, a real-estate developer at the time, called a local TV station using the tragic events as an opportunity to talk about himself. He falsely claimed … Continue reading The Truth About 9/11 and Donald Trump

Shocked Again (Not Really) He Knew

It was 1972, when a young investigative journalist, Bob Woodward, teamed with Carl Bernstein while working for the Washington Post to uncover President Richard Nixon's crimes in what became known as Watergate. Their investigations ultimately led to Nixon's resignation. Has Woodward felled another criminal POTUS? The crimes of this one eclipse the crimes of the … Continue reading Shocked Again (Not Really) He Knew

9/11 in Trump’s World

Trump, in Pennsylvania, on his way to flight 93 memorial. Trump tweeted ‘No Collusion’ before mentioning 9/11 today, on 9/11 Trump Tweets About ‘No Collusion’ Before Mentioning 9/11 on 9/11 - The Daily Beast A brief history of 9/11: Seventeen years ago today America was attacked. The men involved in the hijackings hailed from: 15 … Continue reading 9/11 in Trump’s World

Theories on 911, 16 Years Later

Every year since 2001, 9/11 does a number on my head. The events of that day changed the way many people, myself included, look at the world. It wasn't really the day I became a cynic, but that day took my cynicism to a new level.  I have been an Airline employee since 1991. Yes, … Continue reading Theories on 911, 16 Years Later