Where is the Stockpile of Masks?

I haven’t been posting as often as I usually do for good reason, but today I’m taking a break from the arduous task of growing out my unibrow to fill you in (get it?) on one of many current events.

As I mentioned in a post earlier in the month, hospitals across the country have reported that federal agents have been seizing their medical supplies, supplies obtained at a high cost to protect their frontline workers and to treat the most severe cases of COVID19.

This week we learned that said medical supplies, purloined by federal agents, were not the only supplies the feds intercepted. Cargo planes filled with supplies, paid by state governors who correctly interpreted America’s most sinister son-in-law, Jared Kushner’s word salad explaining that state stockpiles of medical supplies belong to the federal government, whose stockpile belongs to the federal government, and the federal stockpile is not for states to use. The illegitimate POTUS confirmed to the hundreds of governors he knows that they are on their own.

*I strive for truth in my blogosphere so I research every word my thumbs tap out. As such, I must now disclose that Snopes says the jackass didn’t say “hundreds of governors,” so there are no quotation marks in the above paragraph, but he said it.

States, like Illinois and New York, have sent cargo planes to China to purchase their own supplies, because remember, they’re on their own. The planes have come back empty. Pourquoi? Because the federal government has literally taken priority.

Kushner is using U.S.tax dollars to charter flights to China. FEMA, Federal Emergency Management Agency, best known for its inability to effectively respond to any type of disaster, pays air freight companies, including FedEx, UPS and Radiant Logistics Inc., taxpayer dollars to fly trans-Pacific flights, to China to load up and return to Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, and other distribution hubs. We the people are billed $750-800k per flight— for the “federal stockpile.”

Stable-G’s stockpile of supplies isn’t dolled out to needy hospitals. Is it possible the administration is hoarding for an emergency bigger than this pandemic? That’s a good enough reason for me to justify his refusal to distribute supplies to “hotspots” where they’re “needed.” 50,000 (dead) crybabies wanted a respirator. Crybaby doctors and nurses want masks and gloves. Waaaa It reminds me of the thankless Puerto Ricans who weren’t satisfied with the super-absorbent paper towels the toupee’d toddler tossed to them so they could clean up the wet water left behind by Hurricane Maria. Nothing tyrannosaurus-Trump does is going to be good enough. For real.

Where is this stockpile anyway? Let’s follow the contrail of viral droplets from one flight that recently arrived at Chicago O’hare. It contained six million surgical masks and a supersized supply of respiratory equipment.

Don’t get excited at the prospect of help on the way. Sick taxpayers don’t benefit from the shipments they’re paying for. A privately held company that manufactures and distributes medical supplies, Medline, whose headquarters are in a Chicago suburb, Northfield Illinois, was the sole recipient of the supplies on this particular flight, and they essentially auction off the supplies to the highest bidder. Sometimes hospitals are bidding on their own stolen equipment. It sounds like mafia business to me.

FEMA admits that nearly 70 “Project Air Bridge flights” have landed, transporting 760,000 N-95 respirators, 44 million surgical masks, and 7 million gowns from multiple overseas distributors and 50 more are scheduled.

Medline decides who gets the protective gear and what price they’ll pay.

“All the product is ours until it goes to our customers,” a Medline spokesperson told ABC News.

Who paid for it again? FEMA

Who funds FEMA? Taxpayers

That same Medline spokesman told ABC News there is no cost mark up for customers for the rushed delivery. That is true. There is no marked-up cost “for rushed delivery,” but the masks are marked up as high as bidders are willing to pay.

You wouldn’t expect handouts from the Putin administration, and by the way, we’re stealing your stuff so we can sell it to a private company who will sell it back to you at inflated prices if you can outbid other states.

This illegitimate White House also awarded a $55 million contract for N95 masks to Panthera Worldwide LLC, a company with no experience in producing medical supplies and whose parent company filed for bankruptcy protection last year. How very altruistic our orange failure is. He is more committed to giving white-collar criminals jobs than anyone I know. The job they’re doing has been described as “chaotic.”

Is the guy who now suggests we lay out in the sun with a bleacha colada turning this pandemic tragedy into another money-making scheme? Is he so cruel that he would profit from the pain of others? I don’t know, let’s ask some caged children.

*Who is profiting from caged children, link below.

“This is an effort where the government is doing things that the government doesn’t normally do,” Kushner

No shit.

Someday karma will catch up with these people.

I’ve decided that my posts will happy endings from now on, related to the topic or not. So, meet Elouise, my most recently adopted dog: a three-year-old mixed breed, who had been abused and neglected. She’s five+ pounds of happy and healthy now. Adopt- don’t shop.

That’s all for now, my eyebrow needs me.





8 thoughts on “Where is the Stockpile of Masks?

  1. Elouise is adorable. What burns my hide is that damn fool’s mantra throughout his entire campaign was “Crooked Hillary,” and “Lock her up.” How in the heck is he not crooked? Oh, wait. Let me inject some cleaner into my veins. That should make we well and see the light. Jackassery at its finest.

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      1. If only THAT were true!!! We, the sane and innocent bystanders of this circus-shit-show, could rejoice that, YES!, Karma does exists and people do reap what they sow. If only….

        Liked by 1 person

  2. I never thought one of your posts would make me cry Lydia, but this one did. This man, this administration is a nightmare. I keep watching his press conferences to see the SAS sweep in and take him away to a dark hole somewhere. Almost 52,000 people have died in US to date. I think of the run on affect of that, the families suffering loss of their loved ones. Perhaps it is because today is ANZAC day in Australia, I am feeling things more. My son who served in East Timor and his boys were awake and standing in their driveway this morning at 6am to mark this day. Simon would normally attend the Dawn Service and breakfast but this year things are different. Thank you for ending with a picture of your dear little rescue dog.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I’m having a hard time with these posts myself. This nightmare seems neverending.
      I hate to admit I didn’t know what ANZAC day is, so I googled it. The cost of war is devastating.
      We have good reason to cry.

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