Land of the Free, No Matter the Cost— a poem

Captain O’Crazy-town, bankruptcy boy

Held rallies and golfed, dumb isn’t a ploy

COVID denier- was one week too late

Pandemic talons sunk in every state



20,000 people could’ve been spared

Experts warned, he didn’t listen or didn’t care

Two weeks- 40,000 might not have died

Instead, 60k projected lost lives



Played protesters decry stay at home rules

Demand to be used as billionaire’s tools

The land of the free- no matter the cost

Work barely paid jobs, sheep’s matted flock lost


Mini mitt messiah says “liberate”

Loves intentionally stirring up hate

“Libs can’t get over the fact that we won”

Disguise in a mask, bring your machine gun



United we stand, divided we fall

Quid pro quo state governors make the call

Masks, gloves, respirators, he confiscates

Then gives them away to compliant states



Irony is lost in so many ways

Mobs spread disease, extend quarantine days

Where do most infected people live? guess

Despite withheld testing, in the US



Free country— to spread a deadly disease

Pro-life’s meant to bring women to their knees

“It’s my body my choice” to isolate

Reproduction is a different debate



3 thoughts on “Land of the Free, No Matter the Cost— a poem

  1. I’m shaking my head at the sheer nonsense, wondering what these people tell themselves when their loves ones start dying off. They exerted their rights, but to what end…. screwed up world. The orange leader cares not for who dies or doesn’t die as long as his gold stash doesn’t diminish.

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