Why is Everyone Shocked at Mayor Pete’s Win?

Mayor Pete has had a significant lead- only in Iowa - since November. It’s been gradually dropping, but his win should not be a surprise. This graph is from NOVEMBER. Below is a link to a New York Times article, which I read in November. Why is everyone shocked Pete won? https://www.nytimes.com/2019/11/16/us/politics/iowa-poll-democrats.html Don't get me … Continue reading Why is Everyone Shocked at Mayor Pete’s Win?

Giuliani’s Butt

In yet another story to file with the news that you can not believe is true, Rudy Giuliani's butt has been calling an NBC reporter who he had been in contact with (intentionally) several hours before. His butt left relatively long, damming voicemails in which he laments such woes as: “The problem is we need … Continue reading Giuliani’s Butt

Statistics Show — Guns Do Kill People

Trump calls for flags to fly at half-staff in response to South Florida school shooting, after he blames the victims. That response, along with his "thoughts and prayers," set the NRA back $21,000,000 in Trump campaign donations. *Fun Fact* The shooter trained with Trump's people, white supremacists. GOP Florida Senator Mark Rubio says shooters "will … Continue reading Statistics Show — Guns Do Kill People

Today’s Curious News… a limerick

Rob Porters has a latest excuse That his ex-wife’s black eye was a ruse It was due to a fall Not a physical brawl She’s clumsy, it wasn’t abuse ~~~~~ First Trump’s lawyer called Stormy (porn star) “Fake News” Now Michael Cohen's claim in interviews, He paid her off —this is funny— With his personal … Continue reading Today’s Curious News… a limerick