Mueller will Testify on Wednesday

Clear your calendars for Wednesday. Tell your Trump-supporting acquaintances, your politically apathetic friends, and the willfully disinterested who don’t realize our country is in a sinkhole, that Special Counsel Robert Mueller will finally testify.

Republican’s in Congress are preparing to use their allotted time to paint Robert Mueller, a Republican war hero, as biased, and conflicted. That pursuit will be the focus of their questions.

Democratic politicians will pose their questions in a way that might coax the taciturn unwilling hero to inform the indifferent and garner enough public support to prompt skittish leaders in Congress to start impeachment proceedings. It might be easier to wake the dead.

Too much time has been allowed to pass. Bill Barr understood the public’s short attention span, and he used that knowledge to his advantage, sitting on the report for a month while lying about its contents. People don’t read. They’d prefer to be told what to think instead, in a concise manner. They believe what they hear because it’s easy. They want to go back to worrying about how they’ll pay for little Becky’s braces, Timmy’s tutor, grandma’s nursing home, and how to pay the mortgage. People are busy, and they assume someone else is handling government business. Isn’t that what our taxes pay for, isn’t that the job of our elected officials?

Mmm—yes and no. Our tax money goes offshore to bank accounts of shell companies that can be traced to the Koch brothers, the Mercers, or some other filthy rich soulless Archfiends. Those trusted elected officials who they expect to do their jobs, never took office, because Putin rigged the election.

45 is currently working, racking his brain for a middle school nickname to bully Bob Mueller with. He hopes to break his spirit, as he did with ”crooked Hillary, Pocahontas Warren, and pencil neck Adam Schiff.” Maybe it will be ”boring Bob,” or ”mean Mueller, ” or ”rotten Robert.”

It’s absurd that this is how the mind of the man with our nuclear codes works.

Meanwhile, Fox News will distract viewers with stories about the mating habits of crustaceans— is it for life?

45 will continue tweet incoherent misspelled messages furiously; he ramped them up last week. You can’t blame him for being nervous. He knows discovery for pedophile Jeffrey Epstein has only just begun. What, regarding his exploitation and abuse of girls, will become public in the coming weeks and months?

Will Mueller’s testimony on Wednesday expose Barr’s obstruction of justice and 45’s widespread crimes?

Of course, it will, but the question we should be asking is— will anyone be listening?

Democrats to face off this week against a reluctant Mueller – POLITICO

One thought on “Mueller will Testify on Wednesday

  1. We can only hope and pray that it will have the impact of “have you no shame?” in the McCarthy era. Of course back then there were way fewer functionally illiterate folks (a term I use for those who technically can read but do not, and have not for long enough that they are unable to process complex thoughts). Twitter and news as entertainment have not been good for our thinking skills…or democracy.

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