Apparently They Think That’s Okay

Trump’s defenders have moved on from “no collusion, no obstruction” to “yeah, it’s true, so what.” As indisputable truths, regarding Trump’s relationship with Russia, become common knowledge, thanks to the redacted version of the Mueller Report, the direction their argument has taken was an inevitability.

Russians bought “a couple of ads on Facebook” …so what? ~ Jared Kushner

“There’s nothing wrong with taking information from Russians.” ~ Rudy Giuliani

“I don’t care what they talked about.” ~Lindsey Graham said, regarding Donald Trump told former White House Counsel, Don McGahn, to fire Robert Mueller and then say it was his idea.

None of the statements listed above are based on the law, as those who made the comments are well aware.

An unsuccessful attempt to obstruct justice is as illegal as a successful one. Not achieving the desired result is irrelevant.

Along the same line of reasoning, if you are an unfettered idiot who committed treason, you are still a traitor. Someone tell Don (If it’s what you say I love it), Junior; his apparent exoneration by Special Counsel Robert Mueller, from the Trump Tower meeting, based on his absolute stupidity, is not the end of that story. Junior did not help himself by repeatedly committing perjury, and his penchant for spewing remorseless rhetoric on social media isn’t helping him either.

Robert Mueller did not indict Donald Trump, or his (redacted) family and cohorts, which resulted in cries from the right that it’s time to move on, because “Mueller found no wrongdoing.” There is enough in Mueller’s report to impeach and to indict, but Mueller left it to Congress to do in that order.

Still, there is resentment festering among the American people who believed Mueller would save us Trump’s corruption.

I am by no means ready to join the faction who are angry at Robert Mueller because he did not take Trump off the hook; he handed the pole to Congress, with Trump and his team dangling from it… perhaps with enough line to hang themselves. Bill Barr tried to cut the line, but the line was too thick. The full un-redacted report and its corresponding evidence will be seen by Congress, eventually. The report recommends impeachment, with the understanding that Trump will face charges when he’s dethroned.

Bob Mueller has also distributed specific findings that may be of use to some of the other active investigations currently underway targeting Trump, his family, and his associates:

  • Bill Barr’s DOJ has no jurisdiction over state investigations, making them a more significant threat to the traitors in the White House.

    I am going to speculate that among the redacted, besides Trump, Don Jr, and Jarvanka, is Senator Lindsey Graham, Senator Mitch McConnell, Devin Nunes, perhaps Matt Gaetz, maybe now Bill Barr. My conjecture is based on Hamlet:

    “The lady doth protest too much, methinks” ~William Shakespeare.

    They have randomly skipped around the five stages of death.

    1. Denial: “No collusion, no obstruction!”
    2. Anger: “FIRE EVERYBODY… then say it was your idea!”
    3. Bargaining: “You can keep your job if you’re willing to sacrifice your future employability.”
    4. Depression: “Oh my God, this is terrible! This is the end of my presidency! I’m fucked.”
    5. Acceptance: “Treason is fine.”

    Mitch McConnell’s refusal to safeguard our 2020 election from the same Russian attack he mitigated during the 2016 election must have garnered some of Robert Mueller’s attention.

    Kentucky group slams McConnell for blocking a bill to protect voters

    McConnell’s obstruction is tantamount to treason. For over two years, he has aided an adversary’s attacks against our country, and his refusal to allow any safeguards to protect against future election interference is nothing less than treason.

    In 2016, McConnell kept Obama from informing the American people that they had been manipulated by targeted propaganda… not the story Kushner is selling, “a few Facebook ads.”

    Sunday, on Face the Nation, Lindsey Graham’s interview was an exercise in fence straddling worthy of an Olympic event. He vehemently agreed Russians hacked the 2016 election, but disagreed with Kushner’s portrayal of the tampering, claiming “Trump has a team working on the situation”, (*spoiler alert- he doesn’t), and Graham stuck the dismount when he said “the only way to respond to Russia is financially.”

    The solution he offers is in direct opposition to his voting record, in favor of lifting sanctions.

    A glance at Graham’s voting record gives us a timeline as to when he crossed over to the dark side. It was sometime around 8/2017.

    The Truth is, Trump’s GOP has not taken action to stop Russian election interference at all… it is the GOP lifeline.

    The objective for Trump, his family, and his political enablers is to sway public opinion. Are you buying into this new tactic they’re selling— that conspiracy, compromise, and obstruction of justice are no big deal? They hope that Trump will not face impeachment if he garners enough support. What percentage of Americans will think that’s okay?

    State Dept. Was Granted $120 Million to Fight Russian Meddling. It Has Spent $0.

    McConnell suggests the voting-rights proposal is ‘socialist.’

    Tracking Congress In The Age Of Trump

    Graham: ‘I don’t care’ if Trump told McGahn to fire Mueller

    Kushner: So Russia Bought “a Couple of Facebook Ads,” So What

    Graham says Russians ‘up to it again’ with election interference: ‘We need more sanctions, not less.’

    4 thoughts on “Apparently They Think That’s Okay

    1. Trump and his base think he has got off scot free – not a chance in hell. He may not be culpable of collusion but he is certainly worth investigating for obstruction of justice – which in itself is a serious crime and one that resulted in the resignation of Tricky Dicky Nixon.
      I also think there is a lot more to the connection between the Trump Organization and dirty Russian money funneled into it via dodgy banks. Let’s see how all this plays out. The very fact that the Trump family is now suing the banks from handing over documentation shows there is something to hide.
      And let’s see his tax returns!

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