Lasting Impressions of Trump

It is a truth universally acknowledged that an orange man in possession of a fraudulent fortune must be in want of approval. His ratings have now plummeted in every poll.

He still holds fast to 32% of the population.

However little the hands or shallow the depth of thought of such a man, his version of truth is so strongly fixed in the minds of those so well stuck in support of him, that their loyalty will remain unwavering.

Regardless, he is the rightful property of Robert Mueller’s investigation, and some one or other investigations on state levels.

Additionally, the depths of GOP corruption can be seen, not only in their relentless support by those who adore the afore mentioned orange one, but also in the following men in want of character:

Passing of the Tax Scam Bill, the attack on Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid, Net Neutrality, ignorant Trade Wars, the return of the Pre-Existing Condition, the nomination of a repeat perjury felon for the opening in the SCOTUS, all around Russian subservience, the lack of regard for the planet and environment, exiting the Paris Agreement, condoning Arctic and offshore drilling, eliminating bank regulations- Dodd Frank Act, reversing allowances for medical marijuana, the Iran Deal, Military Parade military ban of Transexuals, the emboldened emergence misogyny and racism from whatever hole they were hiding in.

I apologize to Jane Austen for the bastardization her words. It is my hope, however, that since all Austen novels have happy endings, so shall this story.

November 6, Election Day.

Register to Vote, Vote Early, Vote Absentee, Confirm Registration, and Change Registration | USAGov

Register to Vote and Confirm or Change Registration | USAGov

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