9/11 in Trump’s World

Trump, in Pennsylvania, on his way to flight 93 memorial.

Trump tweeted ‘No Collusion’ before mentioning 9/11 today, on 9/11

Trump Tweets About ‘No Collusion’ Before Mentioning 9/11 on 9/11 – The Daily Beast

A brief history of 9/11:
Seventeen years ago today America was attacked.
The men involved in the hijackings hailed from: 15 from Saudi Arabia, 2 from the United Arab Emeritus, 1 from Egypt, and 1 from the Lebanese Republic.
None were: Afghans, Iranians, Iraqis, South Americans, or Mexicans.
Osama Bin Laden, was the leader of the militant organization, al-Qaeda, that these men belonged to and worked for. Bin Laden was a Saudi Arabian member of the wealthy bin Laden family who were connected to the Saudi Royal family.
Some of Bin Ladin’s family members were living in the U.S. at the time and were permitted to fly out of the country immediately after the attack, even though a flight ban had been imposed.

Donald Trump lived in New York on 9/11.

  • He claims he cleared rubble from Ground Zero, and pulled people out. He did not.
  • He claims he saw Muslims celebrating when the Twin Towers fell. He did not.
  • He claims “hundreds” of his friends died in the the Twin Towers, but he can not name a single one, because those friends did not exist.
  • He claims to have donated millions to 9/11 funds…

Fun Fact: DONALD TRUMP DONATED $ZERO to victims of 9/11, INSTEAD,

Donald J Trump took $150,000 from a 9/11 fund designated for “recovery efforts.”

Records from Empire State Development Corp. show he requested the money for “rent loss,” “cleanup” and “repair”.

After the towers fell, Trump told a radio audience Trump Tower was the new tallest building in Manhattan after the WTC fell on September 11th.



How Donald Trump Cashed in on 9/11 – Rolling Stone

These are just a few of the many reasons New York hates Donald Trump.

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