Ted Cruz… a poem

Ted Cruz tells Texas: fear Beto O’Rourke

He wants to take your guns, then your salt pork!

Be concerned, he’ll make us California!

Dye your hair, then remember… I warned ya

Of silicon… but I mean silicone

We’re the lone star state, just leave us alone

Don’t let smooth talker’s common sense dethrone

Me! We’re no tofupian, saxophone

Playing state. California ranked at 5

In world economies… who needs to thrive?

Be terrified, he’s ahead in the polls!

Vote for corruption… not cool guy Beto.

Ted Cruz warns that Beto O’Rourke will bring ‘tofu, silicon and dyed hair’ to Texas

5 thoughts on “Ted Cruz… a poem

    1. Thank you! The texture terrifies some people…🙄
      Seriously, Ted Cruz is grasping, and now he’s playing dirty. I just saw commercial— Cruz cut and pasted video clips to make Beto look like a racist. These clips were taken from videos that have gone viral, videos we’ve all seen, where he talks about the right to kneel. How many people will be fooled? There are so many horrible politicians.


  1. Yes tofu is an acquired taste. Personally I like it a lot. Oh my goodness yes there are so many horrible politicians and they don’t all reside in the U.S.A. Though you appear to have cornered the market in that area just at the moment. Fingers crossed for upcoming elections.

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