Trump Tests New Lies as Polls Tank

Thank you Donald Trump, my feckless leader, for finally mixing up the lies for those of us bored to the point of begging to be unplugged from life support, and recognizing the “witch hunt” thing has lost it’s magic.

At his Indiana rally yesterday, we witnessed the birth of a new lie— or will it turn out not to be what we saw and heard?

“And they (Democrats)want to raid Medicare to pay for socialism,”

Somebody hold me back… okay, I’m fine.

(Breathing) Medicare is a socialistic benefit. The GOP is slashing such social services. Democrats want universal healthcare, like most advanced industrialized nations have, but we won’t quibble about semantics just yet.

Meanwhile at the same rally, this shot of a cameraman’s shot being blocked by someone, who apparently works for shitler, and who appears to be holding a bible. Nice shot, and nice block.

Who is he, and why is he an ass?

Did Nick ever play basketball? I’m waiting to find out what Nick didn’t want photographed.

He’s a Christian, (they’re required to always carry bibles) but who does Nick work for?

Hmm… Are these the people who put out ads looking for “paid actors” for Trump rallies?

I don’t know, maybe.

Let’s move on.


Next, Trump’s new lies to Bloomberg, regarding Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s probe:

“I view it as an illegal investigation. I’m not saying anything, I’m just telling you this: You read the great scholars, the great legal, there should have never been a special counsel.”

Let’s review the second sentence:

“I’m not going to say anything,”

he JUST said something. I need to review my TrumpSpeak meme—

Moving on:

“You read the great scholars, the great legal“

What kind of feckless English is this? Trump doesn’t read, and if he did, these scholars and great legal have not a feck among them.


“there should have never been a special counsel.”

Correct! Had Russia stayed out of the US election, and Trump stayed out of Rusherrr, there would be no faux-potus, and no special counsel investigating Donald Trump.

19 months into a 1st term, polls are not so good for the orange beacon.

60% disapprove

36% approve

49% support impeachment

He should consider seeking asylum in Russia, and maybe take his family.


Next lie:

“We did a fantastic job in Puerto Rico,”

The nearly 3000 who died would beg to disagree. They died because of his fecking negligence.

Death toll in Puerto Rico from Hurricane Maria officially raised to 2,975 from 64

Trump doesn’t lie about this.👆🏼He ignores or deflects all questions related to the subject.

The latest status report filed in federal court states 497 of Trump’s kidnapped migrant children have not been reunited with their parents, including 22 under the age of 5. This number does not include those children whose parents were coerced into signing away legal rights to their children.

Still separated: Nearly 500 migrant children taken from their parents remain in U.S. custody

“We must maintain efforts to put our nation on a fiscally sustainable course, and federal agency budgets cannot sustain such increases.” ~Trump (didn’t write this, too many big words, all spelled correctly.)

Trump cancels pay raises for federal employees – CNNPolitics

Yes, Trump announced his cancellation of scheduled pay increases for middle class employees to pay for corporate tax cuts and tax cuts for the wealthy.

Then thanked federal employees with $143.5 billion in retirement cuts.

Well, that’s all the new lies I can stand for today. I hope they reinvigorated your will to vote on November 6, and to encourage others to do so.

**I will update this post if I find out what Nick didn’t want photographed, or please comment if you know.

4 thoughts on “Trump Tests New Lies as Polls Tank

  1. I’ve noticed a weird thing with chess pieces in these so-called super Christian trumper photos/profiles. They are careful not to say outright racist things like less educated trumpers, but they have many images of white knights scattered around.

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