Oh, the Stories You’ll Hear

Soon you’ll hear stories truer than true

All of them told by coffee boys who

Were granted immunity to tell all

Trump Org CFO… is Trump’s downfall

Weisselberg now will cooperate

With Mueller, he has much to relate

Laundered money, sedition… we’ll learn

Of Mob ties, fraud, see tax returns

Then David Pecker, Donald Trump’s friend

From the Enquirer who only penned

Damning reports of Trump’s opponents

Pecker, you see, was Trump’s proponent

“Trump worries about Pecker leaking”

Helping Bob Mueller, strictly speaking,

Trump’s ex-attorney, Cohen, has tapes

Recorded dealings, Trump won’t escape

Affairs, by blows, and spousal abuse,

“The best people” have lips that are loose

Still, Trump damns himself with every tweet

He’ll be remembered, traitorous cheat

The day after Cohen’s guilty plea,

House Judiciary Committee

Scheduled a special meeting… but why?

Clinton’s e-mails. The House was Putin’s best buy

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