Trends in GOP Nepotism

Father son crimes are the new Orange. Trump and little Don Jr,

Michael Flynn and little Mike Junior,

Chris Collins and his little Cameron, all set the trend.

Someone should warn Jarvanka… although at this point it would be as good as throwing a life preserver at a beached whale’s head— too little, too late. Trump has already lamented the loss of other men Ivanka could have married.

Representative Collins is the first in congress to be indicted by the FBI in what is sure to be a clean sweep of the GOP House.

In his statement to the press, he not only denies the charges, but does not mention his son, or his son’s girlfriend, or her father, all of whom are involved, and confessed to the crime.

Throwing ones spawn under the bus is par for the course for this group of politicians.

Mike Flynn seems to be the only criminal with family values. He is reportedly cooperating with the Mueller investigation hoping to negotiate a lenient sentence for his son.

Back to Collins and his proclaimed innocence:

The odds that the charges issued in the indictment, by a federal grand jury consisting of at least 12 Americans who reviewed the evidence before concluding there was probable cause to levee charges, are not a good bet.

Consistent with the prevalent #OnlyMeGOP mentality, Collins “fights to clear his name” with the clock is running. His name is taking the republican slot on the ballot for NY district 27, and his refusal to resign prevents the GOP from replacing him in his heavily gerrymandered district. This does not bode well for the republican fight to retain the majority in the House.

I really don’t care, do you?

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