Three Words for Sarah Sanders: Gay Wedding Cake

Poor Sarah Huckabee Sanders,

Her deft work for the commander

Has turned her into a villain…

And to quote the great Bob Dylan

He said: “Some people feel the rain.

Others just get wet.” Need I explain?

Sarah, you lack self awareness.

If you don’t see the unfairness,

This evil administration

Will define you the duration

Of your life. You might consider

Kirstjen Nielsen, Stephen Miller,

Their company you’ll always keep,

Because they are like minded sheep.

Decent people have their limits.

No one likes kidnapping bigots.

Is a proprietor required

To do business with those mired

In crimes against humanity?

What if we look at history:

Consider Germans… had they opposed

Nazis early, Hitler deposed,

Millions of lives might have been spared.

The world must speak out and care.

With WWII we learned to fight

Public shaming may not be right,

In a normal world. Think this through…

Sarah, you care because it’s you.

That baker’s sign, you thought okay:

“We don’t bake wedding cakes for gays.”

You don’t mind discrimination

It’s your specialized vocation

When at work, this is what you do

But, the target can not be you.

Also, disparage or promote

Any business, please do take note,

On your government twitter feed:

It’s **illegal, it is indeed.

The laws don’t seem to matter now,

Someday they will, you’ll pay… somehow.


**In violation of ethics rule: 5 CFR 2635.702(a).

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