Grumpy Trump Inspires a limerick

here we go…


The reporter Trump bashes in these tweets

Looks like she’s got that “drunk loser” thing beat

Here they stand arm in arm

Trump displaying his charm

He liked her before free speech caused deceit


Dishonest Donny is duly distressed

Papers predict Cohen will flip when pressed

All Audio tapes seized…

Mueller mastered his deeds

Cohens files complete… it’s like he confessed


Debauched Donny seems disconcerted

We’re all aware the man is perverted

Take heart… is it a bird,

It’s a plane, how absurd

It’s Giuliani. Now we’re diverted



Rudy Giuliani tacked on Trump’s crew

As his attorney, strange in that he knew

About Clinton’s email

Predicted without fail

Wikileak’s moves… Rudy’s in trouble too.


He announced divorce two weeks ago

To avoid asset forfeiture… we know

A friendly divorce

Wouldn’t happen by course

It might behoove him just now to lie low


Friday the Democratic Party

Filed suit on behalf of the DNC

Against— Trump Jr,

Manafort, Kushner

Rick Gates, Stone, Assange, Wikileaks…


Russian Federation, and finally…

Trump’s campaign— for hacking the DNC

And by all appearance

For their interference

In the election of 2016


We are reliving recent history

If Trump was of a mind to read he’d see

What mistakes Nixon made

Revise those not well played

But Trump would rather just blame Hillary


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