Only the Best… Doctor

Dr Ronny Jackson, Trump’s nominee to run

US Department of Veterans Affairs

His confirmation hearing has not begun

Recall Trump’s heath exam results? No? I’ll share…


Donald’s height and weight were then reported

At 6’3” and 239 pounds

The doctors senses were clearly distorted

Those stats would never apply to one so round

Did Doc mention in his application

His workers justified disgruntlements

Their corroborated allegations:

“Creates a hostile work environment”


“Improperly doles out medication”

“Doctor drinks excessively while at work”

This is the licensed White House Physician

Are these accusers jealous of his perks?


Is Ron Jackson the source of Trump’s strange conduct

Has this drug dealing doctor’s prescription pad

Made Trump a statistic, another product

An opioid abuser? Well, it’s sad.


“Only the best people…”


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