60 Russian Diplomats… a poem

60 Russian diplomats,

it was announced days ago,

Expelled from the US

in accord with the Brits, so…

Trump had his people proclaim:

Look at what he’s done!

This proves he’s not a traitor…

oh, and neither is his son!

Need proof Trump works for Putin?

Will there ever be enough?

His response to London’s

nerve agent attack… was a bluff!

Today the State Department Confirms reports—

New diplomats

will replace the ones thrown out last week…

Well, imagine that.

Trump surmised we would not notice,

he’d continue to claim

His “tough stance on Russia”

and the UK’s are just the same.

This is like what happened

with Russian sanctions— which by law,

Should have been implemented months ago.

That plan was flawed.

Trump’s tricks are all in tandem,

though each time he is turned out,

He doesn’t see his subterfuge

Displays what he’s about.

Trump is not the 239lb

stable genius he claims to be.

He’s just a traitor, a cheat, a pawn,

And Putin’s favorite employee.


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