Giuliani Prepares to be Served… a limerick

The mob can’t help a perpetrator

Probed by special investigator

Mueller’s on his tail

Rudy’s plans derailed

Will he go bankrupt as a traitor?


How can a couple survive treason

During White House indictment season?

Rudy plans ahead

Calls his marriage dead

Like Don Junior done, without reason


His third divorce is “amicable” — which

For an ass like Rudi… is a stretch

He’ll give all, in mass

To one whose compass

Of morals have been fused with the wretch


Planning a divorce for show is sly

Avoiding asset forfeiture thereby

Giving all to the wife

Betting his life

She’ll take him back, I wouldn’t, that’s no lie


Rudy Giuliani’s wife files for divorce | TheHill


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