Rand Paul Has Voted Nyet Again… a limerick

Sen. Rand Paul has voted nyet again To congress seeing the report... when 84 percent Of those surveyed sent Word: release all Mueller wrote, it's plain ~ The irony here is, those who decide Whether or not Bill Barr should confide Are implicated So confiscate it We have laws by which they must abide ~ … Continue reading Rand Paul Has Voted Nyet Again… a limerick

Hypocrisy Has Not Shutdown

I have 3 news bites for you today, because that’s all I can stand. Two of the stories were mentioned in my post yesterday, but there have been some updates. Brevity is the soul of wit, so I'll try to keep this witty, like a quick colonoscopy. 1. *Update on news regarding Trump's attempts to … Continue reading Hypocrisy Has Not Shutdown

Everything Trump Does is a Distraction

Donald Trump is directing the press again. His misspelled twitter rants: His embarrassing White House fast food feast for college football champions: Racial slurs, random childish taunts: Name calling aimed at the Democratic opposition over his vanity wall: Even the government shutdown, all serve Trump's greater purpose. “I won't stop repeating this "I'm proud to … Continue reading Everything Trump Does is a Distraction

Pre-Holiday Week in Review… a poem

We've survived another lawless Trump week Typical turmoil, each day more at stake Trump’s Charitable Foundation facade... Shut down, he kept the cash, committing fraud ~ Acting Attorney General, Whittaker Ignored requests to recuse, insofar As that was likely the deal he procured From Trump for the job to be secured ~ Judge Sullivan to … Continue reading Pre-Holiday Week in Review… a poem

A Documentary to Watch Today: “Active Measures”

Active Measures | Super Ltd Active Measures | Super Ltd If you haven’t yet, watch the new documentary “Active Measures,” released on Saturday August 31, and available on: iTunes, Hulu, or in Theaters. I've watched it... twice. (Dork) I have read and reread everything I could get my hands on over the past two years, … Continue reading A Documentary to Watch Today: “Active Measures”

Russian Television Offers Clarity

Russian State controlled television hosts regularly openly discuss Trump’s subservience to Putin. This week Evgeny Popov explained the recent “push” by the GOP for more severe sanctions against Russia as “an attempt to distance themselves from the perception", implying there is no serious consideration being given to sanctioning Russia. The bill is described by Sen. … Continue reading Russian Television Offers Clarity