Trump’s Succession… a poem

A long year ago

Trump’s succession was settled

Pence ruled himself out

Saying Flynn hadn’t meddled


House Speaker Ryan

Caught on tape accepting

Russian bribes, next up

Orin Hatch intercepting

A wee bit senile,

Wears invisible glasses

His old white male leanings

Define what an ass is


Now it seems Trump

May endure past November

Which is when midterms

Weed out red congress members


After that, the House

Will be controlled by the Dems

Their first big task to

Select a new speaker… then


What happens is key

Donald Trump is impeached

VP Pence ousted

The House speaker is reached


Now imagine the

Gems stable genius would tweet

If Dems chose Clinton

To fill the House Speaker seat


If the GOP

Had a whole brain between them

Trump would be long gone

Before November mayhem


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