“White House Will Not Delay Russian Sanctions”, but… (Another Limerick)

The deadline to enforce is today,

For election tampering, they must pay.

Well why do they wait?

Do they know the date?

Russian Sanctions due, what do they say?


Principal Deputy Secretary

Raj Shah says that the U.S. Treasury

Department will act

On this last day, they’ll enact

Putin’s Sanctions 29 January


“Donald Trump”, Shah went on babbling,

“Is, on a lot of fronts, quite challenging

Russian interests”

The delay, he insists,

Wasn’t to avoid sanctioning…


There’s no intention to (further) delay

Implementing on this, (the last) day

Russian gas tanker

Just Dropped it’s anchor

On the blue shores of Boston’s Bay


Yet another is scheduled to arrive

On February 15, Bloomberg surmised,

Rules are here nor there

Russian aren’t scared

As long as Trump’s presidency survives.

This ends here— only today’s Limerick

Indignation at the impolitic

Governing we see

How long will it be

Before this ends for Teflon Don (non-stick)


<a href=”https://dailypost.wordpress.com/prompts/stifle/”>Stifle</a&gt;

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