Here’s a Story… of Immigration

As horrifying as it is, by reading the following article in “The Guardian,” I have gained some insight into the mind of Donald Trump.

The article tells a story of Donald Trump’s grandfather, as uncovered by Roland Paul, a German historian from Rhineland-Palatinate.

Frederick Trump, who was born in that region, was the son of a local winegrower. In 1885 at the age of 16, in order to escape poverty and lured by news of the gold rush, Frederick Trump came to the America to make his fortune.

In doing so he not only failed to give German authorities notice of his departure, but he avoided mandatory military service.

When have rules or legalities ever deterred a Trump from a money making scheme? Not then and not now, would be the correct answer.

Once in America Frederick Trump did make his fortune, by running a brothel for gold miners in Alaska, who regularly paid him in gold. He exploited women for monetary gain. 🤔

A newly wealthy Frederick Trump returned to Bavaria to marry, but was not allowed to re-emigrate because of his avoidance of mandatory military duty.

“American citizen and pensioner Friedrich Trump” is ordered to leave the area “at the very latest on 1 May … or else expect to be deported.”

Ordered out of Germany he returned to the US with his wife who was already pregnant with little Fred. Little Fred lived the American dream, growing up to be a Member of the KKK and a renown slumlord of Queens, New York.

Little Fred Trump would eventually marry a Scottish immigrant, who worked as a maid, and he would father the 5x draft deferring son who would grow up to be a misogynistic racist, and 45th Vice President of Russia… I mean with the help of Russian president Vladimir Putin, he would become 45th president of the United States.

If historian Roland Paul is correct, this is significant. Donald Trump’s grandfather, a pimp and draft dodger, was allowed to immigrate to America.

Had it been today, with Donald Trump’s desired “merit based immigration policy,” America would have been spared the crimes and degradation brought on by the man, his son and the grandson.

Trump’s grandfather, his grandmother, and his own mother, who immigrated from Scotland without skills, would never have been allowed in.

Perhaps there is something we can do retroactively.


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5 thoughts on “Here’s a Story… of Immigration

  1. Hmm, it is ironic that this story, which I have not checked the truth of since I have no idea how anyone knows what is factual anymore, is an arguement that supports his dumb policies. I guess it is like ‘everyone should have the chance to make the mistakes they made’, only now they don’t really have that chance. I wish the best to all, but holeymoly, we are going about it the hard way!

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      1. To my imagination and memory of him over the last few decades, he’s still more a crass embarrassing dolt that no one will take seriously than someone who is wrecking the world–but he’s that now, so I am hoping combined brains and laws and efforts flush him and his down the pot ASAP so we can clean up and move on in better ways.

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