Wen Youre Name is Donald Trump

Wen youre name is Donald Trump you donut no how to spell?

Their, there, they’re- all work the same. And Your losers I can tel%

Geography is hard twoo — Gina; TieOne: Phillippines?

I avoid the US because Bob Mueller has subpoenes 

Middle East don’t care countries like the one we’re I am now

Hope Hicks my special ‘friend’. Travels with Milana ? Butt how

Shea’s happee to be rid of me–and she Putin her time

Besides I sed at 35 a woman’s past her prime

Periods and question marks and commas and ellipsis

I looked directly at the sun to learned what an eclipse is

My Nazi dad bought my degree from a school called Wharton 

They don’t like too mention it but theiy were pade a fortune

Speecking supremasists, herd the evangelical threats 

Of violence when I am impeeched…are we all Christian yet?

Weire led by pedophiles and swindlers and racists to boot

My religion requires tikis and a nazi salute

I love to body shame although it shows Eye have no class

I donut realize I have a glowing orange fat ass

American majority you are “haters and fools”

Eye insult US intel…because Putin says hees cool

It’s SAD! All the dicktaters do knot think I am thare frend 

Thay never liked Hillary. That’s whare arguments all end’


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