Judging Alabama

Dear People of Alabama,

A recent poll taken by Winthrop University found, among white Americans living in the South, nearly half feel as if they’re under attack. I can see how fighting the “bubba” stereotype would be difficult.

Admittedly, with the knowledge that 30 people have corroborated allegations regarding a GOP Senate nominee, Roy Moore, having molested at least five teenagers, including a 14 year old CHILD, yet he maintains support of 55% according to an Emerson College survey taken after these allegations were made public… I hear banjo music. I’m sorry.

Best wishes in your future success fighting the cliché in future.

Lydia Libtard


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4 thoughts on “Judging Alabama

    1. Thanks- sadly I had to update this post. 5 accusers and the most recent poll says he has 55% support of voters.
      Also, he signed one of the girls yearbooks, but doesn’t know her.


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