The World According to Trump

Denial is a river that flows 

Through Nambia— which everyone knows

Is Africa, not the Middle East, 

Nor is Israel, I heard that at least,

Nambia is not in the U.S.

Puerto Rico though, who would have guessed,

Is, and yet they don’t get US aid

Not due to debt, as I yesterday said,

In truth the local population 

Is the problem and the causation 

Puerto Ricans, I would like to express 

Possess what I think is an excess 

Of what is called skin pigmentation 

If I could contact immigration

You might wonder how I got so smart

What’s in my chest in place of a heart

Like other racists I wasn’t born

To treat people with contempt and scorn

I learned my geography from the Klan

Well, my dad… just one supreme white man

<a href=””>Deny</a&gt;

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