Guns and Democracy 

Is America Great Again? Now we all know 

Acquiring a permit allows you to go

Through the streets of Nevada, machine gun in hand

“It’s the price of “freedom”— this I can’t stand

You can not claim to be a “life” proponent

If healthcare for a fetus is not a component

“Pro-life” has become an empty thing people say

More people to buy guns and support the NRA.

The NRA owns Congress, thanks to gun lobbyists 

The GOP write laws for money— who could resist

Did you know $30 million went to Trump’s campaign?

He’s now in their pocket, so they’re not to blame

One man killed 59 and injured 500 souls

Within fifteen minutes all peppered with holes

In response Huckabee said: “This is not the time

To discuss gun control.” (Nor after next crime)

While donning a hat he sells for fourty bucks

Trump told reporters “What happened in Vegas was luck.”

Then Jason Chaffetz on fox TV stupidly said:

“I don’t know of a single thing that would have prevented…

This evil that possessed this person to do this atrocity,”

I can think of more than one, and it’s easy to see

Stop taking bribes, don’t sell semi automatics

I wouldn’t dare ask for more this is diplomatic

A guy with a gun with 6 bullets—max

Couldn’t do damage done by Steven Paddock

But this week the NRA has quietly shut down

They’ll wait a while, then come back to town

Nothing will change because in the USA

Democracy means the majority have no say

If we did, the 90% who want restrictions

Would have them, but American Democracy is fiction

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