Pot(US45) Fires Kettle

The most vile Pot(US45) has — extricated

Kettle- (Scaramucci) but never — stipulated

That obscenities could not be — designated

And so understandably Mooch — articulated

Priebus and mental illness were — associated 

Scaramucci then likely — exaggerated: 

Bannon’s organ orally self — stimulated

All this after Spicer left — unappreciated

To say Trump is understaffed is — understated

White House staff is hired then quickly — emancipated 

Incidentally this is all — unrelated

A narcissistic Pot(US) who’s also — X-rated

Would not care that the kettle — humiliated

Another burner, this was — premeditated

The real issue: Mueller has — authenticated 

The election in which Trump — corroborated 

With Putin who interfered, and as such — dictated

Who’d be the next Pot(US), this is — substantiated 

Money laundering, and more, it’s — uncomplicated

No matter, soon they’ll all be — incarcerated 

This substandard and — unsophisticated

Pot(US) is feeling heat, which needn’t be — debated


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