Spicer on Emmys 

Sean Spicer's 30 second appearance on last night's Emmys was the highlight of the show for me. That is not to say it was particularly hilarious, because I thought the Emmys fell flat. I was bored... https://youtu.be/BvGnAs_PtfM Feel free to skip this paragraph of analysis, this is me time. I almost never turn on my … Continue reading Spicer on Emmys 

Pot(US45) Fires Kettle

The most vile Pot(US45) has — extricated Kettle- (Scaramucci) but never — stipulated That obscenities could not be — designated And so understandably Mooch — articulated Priebus and mental illness were — associated  Scaramucci then likely — exaggerated:  Bannon's organ orally self — stimulated All this after Spicer left — unappreciated To say Trump is understaffed … Continue reading Pot(US45) Fires Kettle

Itsy Bitsy Spicer and Slimey Scaramucci 

The itsy bitsy Spicer                        Climbed to the podium                     Outbursts of questions         Made poor Spicer dumb     Along came      Scaramucci             More questions asked in … Continue reading Itsy Bitsy Spicer and Slimey Scaramucci 

A Parting Limerick for Sean Spicer

https://media3.giphy.com/media/26xBIPIbComfJhy2k/200w.gif Sean has taken his final bow Farewell cameras are not allowed No questions in parting One thing that's been smarting  White House shrubs might recover now 

As Proof That No News is Good News — I Offer You Tonight’s Headlines:

The 411 GOP Karen Handel ( Mike Pence with tits) has been elected to the U.S. House, District 6 of Georgia. This heavily republican district has proven to be unwinable by a democrat. None has won since 1978.  This loss by democrats could cement the passing of Trump-care. Here is what we know about the … Continue reading As Proof That No News is Good News — I Offer You Tonight’s Headlines:

Political Potpourri

Picture if you will a pot simmering on a cast iron stove, filled with various fragrant blossoms each of which is a political occurrence. They're all different, but they all smell...nice? That's what I've made for breakfast, ingredients via mainstream news (aka fake news), and predictions on Twitter by those who seem to be in … Continue reading Political Potpourri