My Inner Scaramucci / Potty Mouth

Prefix, root, suffix...sigh, the word I relish them all, I'm a logophile I partake frequently you may have concurred I love them in prose of varying styles                                      ~ Perpetually perched to pen my post Pondering this country … Continue reading My Inner Scaramucci / Potty Mouth

Will the Mooch Pay Taxes—Like the Peasants Do

In an unheard of turn of events, one of the wealthiest Americans to conceive of a new form of self gratification, (although I once had a cat who did something similar), may have to pay taxes. When the "Mooch" took on the roll of Trump town crier he was forced to sell his hedge fund … Continue reading Will the Mooch Pay Taxes—Like the Peasants Do

Pot(US45) Fires Kettle

The most vile Pot(US45) has — extricated Kettle- (Scaramucci) but never — stipulated That obscenities could not be — designated And so understandably Mooch — articulated Priebus and mental illness were — associated  Scaramucci then likely — exaggerated:  Bannon's organ orally self — stimulated All this after Spicer left — unappreciated To say Trump is understaffed … Continue reading Pot(US45) Fires Kettle

Scaramucci Said No Squealing

Scaramucci said no squealing Now his anger's really reeling Someone snitched his subsidies He told the Feds presumptively                              ~ He'll fire leakers hidden from view  Reince Priebus, his eyes are on you Here's a fun fact, did you know? The latest … Continue reading Scaramucci Said No Squealing