Trump Warns Mueller ~ A Limerick

A heavy black cloud looms overhead

Of an orange man whom’s been overfed

Much colluding with spies

Russians feed him his lies

But the proof of his crimes is widespread 


‘Don’t, under any circumstances

Mueller, make anymore advances

Comey’s career ended

My twitter feed trended

Line drawn at Trump family finances’ 


‘Crossing that line would cost you your job

You forget sir I’m tied to the mob

I am POTUS 45 

You like being alive?

This conversation didn’t happen, right Bob?’


My POTUS sir, you will never be

I’d still like to say, if it were me

I wouldn’t be so dumb

As to point my thumb

At the crimes you don’t want him to see

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5 thoughts on “Trump Warns Mueller ~ A Limerick

  1. Well done. Trump’s recent comment that he’d never have appointed Jeff Sessions to the role of AG had he known Sessions would recuse himself is the one that’s blowing my mind. Trump is an evil man and he has no understanding of the law. Bad combination.

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