Nothing Burger—A Tricky Recipe

The nothing burger half baked 

June 9th of 2016

By little Donny Junior 

At Trump Tower had, it seemed:

  1. Donald Trump Jr., 
  2. Jared Kushner, 
  3. Paul Manafort, 
  4. Rob Goldstone, 
  5. Russian lawyer Natalia Veselnitskaya, 
  6. Russian lobbyist Rinat Akhmetshin,
  7. Translator Anatoli Samochornov. 

Something was missing and I 

Guessed it was orange, but not cheese

Seems this collusion burger 

Was missing Ike Kaveladze 

American, Moscow grad

VP Russian realty firm 

A money launderer who

Knew Trump— This has been confirmed.

Trump might have popped in, who knows

Perhaps in the capacity of 

Fries, secret sauce, mini gerkin,  

Or all of the above

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