Eric Prince’s Perjurious Slip of the Tongue…

This interview with Eric Prince is worth a listen. Who is he? He’s a former Navy Seal (impressive), he's also former CEO of a government services and security company called Blackwater USA, which essentially pays civilians to act as security in locations around the world where American troops have been withdrawn. It is privatized military … Continue reading Eric Prince’s Perjurious Slip of the Tongue…

Let Them Eat Nothing ‘Berders! a limerick

Ross had money laundering expertise Which landed him a job with Chief Covfefe He can’t understand Middle class demands To be paid for work, is beyond belief Ross: 'I don't quite understand why' federal workers need food banks during shutdown

Trumperican Vortex

Sometimes it's hard to see Russia through the fog of disjointed stories in the news today. but all the stories share a subtext of Vladimir Putin and Donald J Trump. I like to start with the bottom line for those who don't care to read my detailed opinions, so here it is— Donald Trump is … Continue reading Trumperican Vortex

Trump is a bit Stressed

Odd behavior is normal for Donald Trump however, there were widespread reports last night that, during the White House tree lighting ceremony, he visibly panicked as he looked at his phone and quickly left. There were many speculations on the cause. The most intriguing guess I heard was that Trump received an alert that McDonalds … Continue reading Trump is a bit Stressed

Crazy Town USA

This news bears mention. In response to yesterdays midterm election... the one that resulted in a take over of the House of Representatives by Democrats, Donald Trump lost his sh!t and fired Attorney General Jeff Sessions. Sessions was told to tender his resignation immediately.  Just as fast, Trump appointed Mark Whitaker. Who? Whitaker is a … Continue reading Crazy Town USA

Game of Trump

Rod Rosenstein Suggested Secretly Recording Trump and Discussed 25th Amendment - The New York Times Everyone, even FAUX news, is reporting that this 👆🏼New York Times story is factually incorrect, and is a "set up," dictated to NYTimes, who are either in on it or really bad at their job. Word is this gives Trump … Continue reading Game of Trump