Eric Prince’s Perjurious Slip of the Tongue…

This interview with Eric Prince is worth a listen. Who is he? He’s a former Navy Seal (impressive), he’s also former CEO of a government services and security company called Blackwater USA, which essentially pays civilians to act as security in locations around the world where American troops have been withdrawn. It is privatized military for profit and it made him over a billion dollars- paid by us, the American taxpayer.

Here’s a shocker, he’s a Trump supporter, and brother to, least likely to succeed at her job as Secretary of Education, Betsy P (potential grizzlies) Devos.

The following interview should set the standard for journalism.

Mehdi Hasan, of Al Jazeera is the journalist questioning Eric Prince. To say he’s good at what he does is an understatement. He is relentless, armed with facts he shoots with rapid-fire in response to every denial. He’s fearless. This was a battle of wits to which Eric Prince arrived unarmed.

Hasan flustered Prince to the point that he admitted to having been at the infamous (nothingburger) Trump Tower meeting in August 2016. You may remember it as the meeting Don Jr said was to discuss Russian adoptions. Jr perjured himself over this meeting.

In Prince’s case, his mere attendance was a fact he failed to disclose when questioned by the House Intelligence Committee… his admission in the interview, to having been there, was an inadvertent confession of perjury.

I think perjury is still illegal… even for Trump’s people.

Again, it’s well worth a listen.

Erik Prince acknowledges 2016 Trump Tower meeting for first time

Let Them Eat Nothing ‘Berders! a limerick

Ross had money laundering expertise

Which landed him a job with Chief Covfefe

He can’t understand

Middle class demands

To be paid for work, is beyond belief

Ross: ‘I don’t quite understand why’ federal workers need food banks during shutdown

Trumperican Vortex

Sometimes it’s hard to see Russia through the fog of disjointed stories in the news today. but all the stories share a subtext of Vladimir Putin and Donald J Trump.

I like to start with the bottom line for those who don’t care to read my detailed opinions, so here it is— Donald Trump is trying to distract us with a fabricated border crisis. (That’s it.)

Furthering his efforts to distract, has the added bonus of creating chaos in the U.S., making Vladimir Putin a very satisfied customer. Putin’s primary goal, to destroy the U.S. from the inside, is underway. It has been since long before Trump’s inauguration.

Consider the fact that as a result of Trump’s government shutdown, security personnel at our nation’s airports have gone unpaid, resulting in a record number of sick calls. Who can afford a tank of gas to get to their volunteer jobs when they can’t afford to pay rent or feed their children? Call in’s are so high that Miami International Airport has shut down an entire concourse, because they lack security checkpoint staffing.

Who sees logic in this? Trump says there is a security crisis at the border, (there isn’t), so he responds by creating a security crisis at our nation’s airports.

The coast guard too, they have been told to try babysitting, dog walking, ‘secret shopping’, etc, to put food on their tables.

Trump also dismissively suggested these people “ask their fathers for money.” 🤔

Air traffic controllers are also working for free. Who feels comforted knowing distraught and distracted people are directing air traffic?

Food inspection has halted… so, good luck eating anything that did not come out of a can.

These government workers, like most Americans, need their paychecks to survive. They can’t cover their basic needs, like food, shelter, and healthcare… but they’re expected to continue volunteering their time indefinitely while GOP politicians enable this chaos.

Is Secret Service still being paid to protect Trump? The White House has not paid it’s utility bills. I wish they’d shut the water off.

Right now, Donald Trump holds the record for the longest government shut down in U.S. history. He has someone to thank.

News reports this week said Congress passed two bills to reopen the government. That’s great, let’s do it! Oh…

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell refused to sign both bills, claiming that ending the shutdown is out of his control… does he need a pen?

Who is in control if not our “elected” officials?

Mitch McConnell has been obstructing democracy for 33 years. He is the 11th richest man in Kentucky, the 5th poorest state in the country. I hate this evil man turtle.

In contrast, I love Senator Maizie Hirono of Hawaii. She calls it like she sees it, and she called out Senate Majority Leader’s lie

“It’s not in my power to end the government shutdown.”

“He is choosing to forget congress has veto power. He has exercised his power to lower taxes for the rich, to force a vote to end ACA, and to end Neil Gorsuch’s nomination to the SCOTUS.” ~ Senator Maizie Hirono

This man who thinks only those of his ilk deserve basic human necessities, like healthcare, has enjoyed a lifetime of healthcare paid for by the very same tax payers he is harming.

The middle class have been shouldering the weight of this country forever, but never more than when Republicans are in control of our government.

What else…

The Senate adjourned early on Friday, before 2 pm… off until Monday.

800,000 federal workers are going unpaid, leaving the U.S. broken and less secure, Mitch calls it a week and locks up early.

I have heard it said that our forefathers planned for Trump. Safeguards in our constitution, like the 3 branches of government, should have protected us from a tyrant, and occupation by a hostile foreign enemy. But did our forefathers anticipate Mitch McConnell?

I think they did: Under Article I, Section 5, clause 2, of the Constitution, a Member of Congress may be removed from office before the normal expiration of his or her constitutional term by an “expulsion” upon a formal 2/3 vote- (in the Senate, for McConnell).

Oh, look👆🏼there is Elaine Lan Chao, United States Secretary of Transportation, she’s Mitch McConnell’s wife. Isn’t it ironic?

We don’t have to wait for the GOP Majority in the senate to do the right thing either. Removal is not requisite to indict. 12 U.S. Senators have been indicted while in office. Mitch should be #13. (Robert Mueller knows this.)

An alarming story this morning tells of Russian Oligarch, Artem Klyushin. He is tweeting, what sounds like a threat, against Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

We are under occupation by the Russian Government, and Putin wants absolute control of all 3 branches of the U.S. government. With Gorsuch and Kavanaugh they’ve pretty much wrapped up the Supreme Court. They want another seat to solidify their control.

I hope SCOTUS Ginsburg has adequate security.

Trump is the real crisis in our government. His agenda has been to distract us from several undertakings, but a big one is what his Secretary of the Treasury, Steve Mnuchin, is doing. He is lifting sanctions off another Russian Oligarch, Oleg V Deripaska’s enterprises. It takes some gargantuan balls to continue attempts to lift Russian sanctions while under investigation for conspiring with Russia, against the U.S., in exchange for favors… like lifting sanctions.

You might remember Paul Manafort said Oleg V Deripaska paid him $10 million a year to advance Putin’s interests with Western governments.

Remember Natalia Veselnitskaya, the Russian lawyer Don Jr, Kushner, and campaign manager Manafort met with to discuss “adoptions” (lifting sanctions) in exchange for dirt on Hillary? Veselnitskaya, who is now presumed to be in Russia, has just been charged in a separate case showing more ties to the Kremlin.

February 7 is a day to mark on your calendars. Trump’s former “fixer”, attorney Michael Cohen who turned in a plea deal will finally testify before Congress. He taped every conversation he ever had, with everyone, for years. Lordy, there are tapes.

Mueller’s expected to wrap up his investigation in this next month. That speculation comes with the announcement by Rod Rosenstein that he will step down by March.

It is no coincide that Trump has retained a team of 17 new lawyers. They must not have read the memo that Trump doesn’t pay people.

This bad spy thriller is nearing it’s end. We knew Trump would get crazier as the walls closed in. That is exactly what’s happening.

Donald Trump is trying to distract us with a fabricated border crisis. Don’t be distracted.

Mnuchin Defends Lifting Sanctions on Firms Tied to Putin Ally

McConnell calls votes to get workers their pay ‘absolutely pointless’

Trump Has Just Hired An Army Of 17 Lawyers To Hide From Mueller

Can D.C. Shut Off The White House’s Water For Unpaid Bills? | DCist

Russian Lawyer in Meeting at Trump Tower Is Charged in Case That Shows Kremlin Ties

Trump is a bit Stressed

Odd behavior is normal for Donald Trump however, there were widespread reports last night that, during the White House tree lighting ceremony, he visibly panicked as he looked at his phone and quickly left. There were many speculations on the cause.

The most intriguing guess I heard was that Trump received an alert that McDonalds is bringing back the McRib sandwich.

But it might be more than that. His tweet last night was a clue.

This mornings news offered the answer:

Michael Cohen, Trumps long time attorney, has officially flipped after reaching a plea deal with Robert Mueller.

Cohen pled guilty to making false statements to Congress during past testimony and he will provide dozens of hours of testimony, that will be potentially damaging to the president.

CNN reports Cohen’s plea documents state the following:

  • The Trump Tower Moscow Project deal lasted until into Summer 2016.
  • Cohen discussed the Moscow deal more than three times with candidate Trump.
  • Cohen briefed Trump family members about said deal.
  • Cohen took steps in contemplation of Trump’s travel to Russia working towards the hotel deal.
  • Michael Cohen pled guilty to lying to Congress about working on a Trump Hotel Moscow deal in Russia… during the presidential campaign.

Ex-Trump attorney Michael Cohen just became ‘the most dangerous witness against the president’: CNN reporter

Trump’s response to reporters outside the White House:

“Michael Cohen is a weak person. And by being weak, unlike other people that you watch, he’s a weak person, and what he’s trying to do is get a reduced sentence. So he is lying about a project everybody knew about.”

Q: If Cohen is such a bum, why did you hire him and have him on your payroll for 12 years and have him do so much of your dirty work?

TRUMP: “Because a long time ago, he did me a favor. A long time ago he did me a favor.”

“When I run for president, that doesn’t mean I’m now allowed to do business… after I won, obviously, I don’t do business… there would be nothing wrong if I did do it [build a Trump-branded building in Moscow].”

Q: “Are you still planning to meet with Putin?”

Trump: “I probably will be meeting with President Putin. We haven’t terminated that meeting. I was thinking about it, but we haven’t. They’d like to have it. I think it’s a very good time to have the meeting.”

Q: Are you considering a Manafort pardon?:

Trump: “The question was asked yesterday about pardons with respect to Paul Manafort. It’s very sad what’s happened to Paul, the way he’s being treated. I’ve never seen anyone treated so poorly…I’m not taking anything off the table.”

Speaking of pardons…

Experts: Trump, Manafort lawyers sharing info could be obstruction

“Could be.” 🙄

Paul Manafort, Trump’s former campaign manager and a convicted felon who is serving time, lied under oath, engaged in witness tampering while incarcerated, and it has now come to light that his attorney has been sharing information, regarding the line of questioning etc. of the Mueller investigation, with Trump’s attorney.

Why would Manafort risk everything to help Trump?

Perhaps he has been offered a pardon.

Trump’s Lawyer Raised Prospect of Pardons for Flynn and Manafort

🤔 Was Trump’s current attorney offering Manafort a pardon, via his attorney…

Donald Trump, Paul Manafort and that Pesky Witness Tampering Statute

“I have nothing to do with Russia — no deals, no loans, no nothing.” ~Trump

Donald Trump appears to have had deals with Russia.

New York Attorney General, Barbara Underwood has been working to close loopholes in the state of New York that would prevent the filing of State charges for offenses pardoned on the federal level.

“It’s crystal clear that President Trump is willing to use his pardon power to thwart the cause of justice, rather than advance it — and that should trouble each and every American concerned with the rule of law.” ~NY AG Underwood

👆🏼👆🏼👆🏼Hakeem Jeffries Democratic Representative, New York makes some excellent points.

Regardless,this is bad day for Trump, one of many to come. There are so many people involved in this conspiracy, a conspiracy in the making for decades, estimates are that this investigation will continue for up to 3 years. That doesn’t mean Trump will last 3 more years.

If you’d like a better understanding of how this all happened it is worth your time to watch Active Measures.

Crazy Town USA

This news bears mention. In response to yesterdays midterm election… the one that resulted in a take over of the House of Representatives by Democrats, Donald Trump lost his sh!t and fired Attorney General Jeff Sessions. Sessions was told to tender his resignation immediately. 

Just as fast, Trump appointed Mark Whitaker.


Whitaker is a wannabe Republican politician who has said: the FBI should have indicted Hillary Clinton for using personal email, Don Jr.’s meeting with a Russian operative who promised dirt on Hillary Clinton was fine, and he says Trump’s finances, including dealings with Russia, should not be part of Mueller’s scope. He believes Mueller has overreached his authority and has said he would “limit the Mueller investigation.”  Mark Whitaker takes charge the Mueller investigation immediately, and Rod Rosenstein is out.

The response by democrats:

Dems plan to bring in Mueller for televised hearings if Trump fires him: report

This move toward authoritarianism should alarm us all, but Rosenstein was seen leaving the White House calm and upbeat… not worried.

Mueller has planned for every possible move Trump could make. Whether Trump tries to fire him or not, he’s over, and he just accelerated his own demise. 

Will indictments be unsealed this week? How many is a better question, and will they include Trump crime-family members? 

I think so. What do you think?

Game of Trump

Rod Rosenstein Suggested Secretly Recording Trump and Discussed 25th Amendment – The New York Times

Everyone, even FAUX news, is reporting that this 👆🏼New York Times story is factually incorrect, and is a “set up,” dictated to NYTimes, who are either in on it or really bad at their job. Word is this gives Trump his excuse to fire Rosenstein, whom he would replace with someone more pliantly willing to fire Special Council Robert Mueller.

Mueller is now investigating $3 million dollars that changed hands on June 3, 2016. That was the day Don Jr received an email requesting his presence at a treason meeting at Trump Tower. You’ll remember his response: “If it’s what you say it is, I love it. Especially later in the summer.” The $3 million changed hands between two people at that (nothing burger) meeting.

I believe the NY Times “bombshell” story serves another purpose as well:

It takes the attention off blackout drunk, frat boy, Judge Rapey Kavanaugh. Trump was doing so good, but he couldn’t keep his fingers still, ignoring his staff’s request that he remain silent on the subject… he tweeted:

Outraged? Many people are, but the NY Times story worked. It knocked Kavanaugh out of the headlines.

What had been in the news was Dr Ford, the woman who Judge Kavanaugh (allegedly🙄) assaulted and attempted to rape, requested an FBI investigation, standard procedure with every other SCOTUS, and was flatly refused.

Dr Ford has been receiving death threats. Her email was hacked and someone impersonated her online with the intention of smearing her. This forced her and her family to go into hiding, and her offer to appear and testify needed to be modified.

Seeing this as their opportunity to keep this credible witness from testifying, the GOP refused to accommodate her. “Monday, or we are taking a vote on Kavanaugh”. ~Chuck grASSley

Dr Ford was silent for a day, weighing her options. Republican Senator, Chuck grASSley, announced his “repeated attempts to contact her, eager for a reason to vote without anymore talk of Ford.

Ford’s attorney contacted the judiciary staff saying she is “willing to testifying next Thursday in a public hearing in Washington assuming her safety is guaranteed, Kavanaugh testify first and no outside counsels question her. She wants them to subpoena Mark Judge,” (the other guy in the room.)

The outside counsel request was due to reports that the GOP panel was considering retaining a defense attourney, who specializes in sexual assault cases, to question her. They want a specialist to ambush her.

The GOP made a counter offer, between coaching Kavanaugh:

No to everything, except a postponement until Wednesday, not Thursday.

Mental health break.

Okay, I’m better.

Then there were attempts to garner sympathy for blackout drunk frat boy, Judge Rapey Kavenaugh. He is very upset because he’s getting hate emails, so he wants to get this over with, for the sake of his family.

He owes his family an apology, and he owes Dr Ford an apology, and he owes me, all of America, and planet earth an apology, because he did this.

Mitch McConnell is unfazed by the uproar against kavanaugh.

I love Mazie.❤️ Senator Mazie Hirono (D/HI), my new hero, has held several press conferences speaking out against the poor treatment of Kavanaugh’s victim, by the GOP, and all men.

“Guess who’s perpetuating all of these kinds of actions? It’s the men in this country. I just want to say to the men in this country: Just shut up and step up. Do the right thing for a change.”

With regards to Chuckie grASSley’s earlier claim that Republicans had done everything they can to contact Dr. Ford, The Senator said:

And the crescendo:

“I’ve been fighting these fights for a — I was going to say f-ing long time. I want judges who are fair and qualified and care about individual and civil rights. If that’s considered liberal, as opposed to what I call justice and fairness, as I am wont to say, ‘F*** them!’ “

Kavanaugh’s fabricated wholesome family man, girls basketball team coach, persona is beginning to sour. People who know him are coming forward. This week I included in several of my posts, essays written by the ghosts of frat boy’s past, (his peers didn’t think he was a good guy.) But now:

“Harvard Law Students Say School Should Reconsider Brett Kavanaugh’s Teaching Job”

Harvard Law Students Say School Should Reconsider Brett Kavanaugh’s Teaching Job

And Yale won’t be outdone:

Yale Law dean: Reports that professor groomed female clerks for Kavanaugh “of enormous concern.”

Yale Law dean: Reports that professor groomed female clerks for Kavanaugh ‘of enormous concern’

Here is a sampling of the opinions of people who knew both Kavanaugh and Ford in high school:

I hope the reason Ford is postponing her testimony for the senate is because she’s busy filing a criminal complaint against both Kavanaugh and his buddy, Mark Judge. He was the one who helped push her into the bedroom and locked the door.

She has grounds to file complaints for kidnapping as well as sexual assault. And there is no statute of limitations for sexual assault in Maryland. (According to a Harvard law professor.👇🏼)

Since Republicans refuse to allow the FBI to investigate her allegations of sexual assault as part of the vetting process, the state can do it.

Meanwhile, the attacks on Dr Ford, first by Kavanaugh, and now by the GOP, are a joke to a certain faction of society. South Carolina Republican Representative, Ralph Norman tried out a new joke during a debate yesterday:

“Did y’all hear the latest late-breaking news on the Kavanaugh hearings? Ruth Bader Ginsburg came out that she was groped by Abraham Lincoln.”

Rep Norman is a pig. I hope this failed attempt at humor, disrespecting Ginsberg, a great woman, and timed to injure Dr Ford, costs him his re-election.

This game isn’t over.