A Very Vegan Thanksgiving

My table is never put to use Payback I guess, there will be no truce No Holiday schedule rotation “Why’d I lose my turn to host the fun?” ~ My extended family voiced their fears: “You’ve been left now out for many years, Your prior hosting spawned misgivings You butchered the joy of Thanksgiving ~ … Continue reading A Very Vegan Thanksgiving

Nothing Burger—A Tricky Recipe

The nothing burger half baked  June 9th of 2016 By little Donny Junior  At Trump Tower had, it seemed: Donald Trump Jr.,  Jared Kushner,  Paul Manafort,  Rob Goldstone,  Russian lawyer Natalia Veselnitskaya,  Russian lobbyist Rinat Akhmetshin, Translator Anatoli Samochornov.  Something was missing and I  Guessed it was orange, but not cheese Seems this collusion burger  … Continue reading Nothing Burger—A Tricky Recipe

The Misery of Being Ann Coulter

I'd like to pause today to shed light on a travesty of justice inflicted on Ann Coulter...by Delta Airlines. You know Ann Coulter, she is often on Fox News and expounds extremely racist far right wing ideologies with a venomous bite of hatred toward everyone who is not her. Her actual job—the woman is paid … Continue reading The Misery of Being Ann Coulter