Saint Trumpstinks Day

Here’s to a con-man in chief

A glorified white collar thief

With underworld ties

His talk is all lies

Real is fake—that is his belief


To cut taxes for his rich friends

Further funding cuts never end

From food to healthcare 

His judgement’s impaired

We bankroll his golf weekends


Filled his cabinet with supremacists

Who claim climate change doesn’t exist

Takes credit for all

Job growth big and small

One expects this from a narcissist 


He defunded the EPA

Gave banks rights to screw as they may  

Every day he does more

It will take years to restore

The U.S. to it’s former heyday 


He suffers foot in mouth disease

Offends all from the Brits to Chinese

Australia, Sweden

French, Scotts, the Germans

Off to Russia for golden striptease

Putin’s loves his little czarina

Trump’s brand—it’s all made in China

He and his rich friends

Hide cash in the Caymans 

His tiny girl hands grab vaginas



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