Ah, Spring- Daffodils, Yellow-Rumped Warblers, and Rudy Giuliani Going Through Some Things

The last week in April is among my favorite weeks of the year. Spring is in the air; tulips in full bloom, rhododendrons budding, hydrangeas showing signs of life, an 0600 FBI search of Rudy Giuliani’s condo on Madison Avenue, and his Park Avenue office executed. Ah, spring. Did I mention the birds? The yellow-rumped … Continue reading Ah, Spring- Daffodils, Yellow-Rumped Warblers, and Rudy Giuliani Going Through Some Things

Saint Trumpstinks Day

Here's to a con-man in chief A glorified white collar thief With underworld ties His talk is all lies Real is fake—that is his belief ~ To cut taxes for his rich friends Further funding cuts never end From food to healthcare  His judgement's impaired We bankroll his golf weekends  ~ Filled his cabinet with … Continue reading Saint Trumpstinks Day

Plans and Projects

"Spring is the time of plans and projects."   ~Leo Tolstoy Ah spring, my natural enemy, comprised of dreary rainy days that grow grass and beget weeds that make me itch and sneeze. I am obsessive about my lawn and garden— I mean I'm not. In fact, a person couldn't possibly care less about a lawn … Continue reading Plans and Projects

Vernal Bloom

Today is March 31 at last What could be more refreshing A cold dark span of winter gone Regretful days at best depressing Optimism rules these days  This vernal time of wonder Gosling chirp unfazed by  A distant sound of rolling thunder Newly sprouted flower buds reach  For blue sky's temperate breezes Most of all … Continue reading Vernal Bloom


Winter's dismal barren days,  Girded, subjugating, cold- Spring's eager fare, sunrise plays,    Buds flecked with shimmering gold- Summer's blaze unrelenting, Oppressive, blistering air- Autumn's ominous endings, Verdure's death, brittle despair- Lie torpid, rebound, effects, harvest  Dawn kindling, incipient blooms, birds sing- Anticipation my request; Of the seasons, I choose spring.  ____________________________________ The Daily Post, … Continue reading Kindling