My Inner Scaramucci / Potty Mouth

Prefix, root, suffix…sigh, the word

I relish them all, I’m a logophile

I partake frequently you may have concurred

I love them in prose of varying styles 


Perpetually perched to pen my post

Pondering this country today

Four letter adages… beg my ripostes

I fight unremittingly not to say


The foul lexèmes voiced in my head

Aren’t all words equal? Dare I stoop so low 

If curses were food I’d be over fed

There are decent replacements I know 


A Russian state TV host recently said

Of Trump (I found funny but odd) —

“So why did we elect such a president?”

Answer: There is no one he won’t defraud.


Turmoils of expression— my cursed beast 

I neglect what upset me this time 

It was Trump related to say the least

Putin’s bit** the fu**** orange slime


So it goes, a small slip up here and there

Pr**, co**, mot***, fu****,  blame him

I’m too politically angry to care

For Trump there is no decent synonym


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