The Mother of All Distractions 

Mother of all distractions  In the form of a bigly bomb Dropped on Afghanistan  Trump's latest in the war with Islam He's killed 36 — that's three dozen And on that very same day A drone attack over Syria Killed 18 — all allies, by the way A Russian hacker captured in Spain,  More British … Continue reading The Mother of All Distractions 

The Tax Refund and A Giant Tree

Once upon a time there was a taxpayer who received a tax refund. It seemed like a big tax refund, and it made the taxpayer very happy. Life with a refund was good for the taxpayer. What would the taxpayer do with the refund? The possibilities were endless: pay off a credit card, put a … Continue reading The Tax Refund and A Giant Tree

Missile Strike Target— The Public’s Perception

CNN has called Donald Trump "presidential" in the wake of his cruise missile attack on Syria. Fareed Zachariah, on CNN's "New Day" said on Friday: "I think Donald Trump became president of the United States last night, I think this was actually a big moment." FOX called the missile strike a "success", and other FOX … Continue reading Missile Strike Target— The Public’s Perception

Led by a Screwball

"Man: a being in search of meaning."  ~Plato Ancient Greeks seem almost prophetic Their quotes are parenthetic: Their meaning might not be aesthetic  Trump makes philosophers of us all (poetic? No.) "Those who are too smart to engage in politics are punished by being governed by those who are dumber." ~Plato Bernie is smart—so that's … Continue reading Led by a Screwball

Donald Trump and Christianity

The New York Times today published an article titled "Why Rural America Voted for Trump", written by Robert Leonard. I am still struggling to understand Trump votes, so I read it.  The article describes an entirely different mindset between the two political parties. The author quotes a baptist minister JC Watts who said “The difference … Continue reading Donald Trump and Christianity

2016 # The Turd That Wouldn’t Flush

Admittedly, this is not the classiest title for a post, but I believe Ernesto Hemingway would approve- as it is the truest title I've ever written. This has been a shitty year. I unthinkingly condemned 2016 to Hell with my first post of the year which began: "I'm feeling strangely optimistic." — I take full … Continue reading 2016 # The Turd That Wouldn’t Flush