The Mother of All Distractions 

Mother of all distractions 

In the form of a bigly bomb

Dropped on Afghanistan 

Trump’s latest in the war with Islam

He’s killed 36 — that’s three dozen

And on that very same day

A drone attack over Syria

Killed 18 — all allies, by the way

A Russian hacker captured in Spain, 

More British intel on Russia/Trump 

Trump distracts in the form of explosives

Every time the heat is turned up

In 1588 the Spanish Armada

Was deployed by Philip II of Spain 

Brought down by Queen Elizabeth I

Trump has learned a new word again

“We have submarines” he said

A bigly armada— that’s good

Yes it’s an armada that’s for sure

Armadas are scary— all he understood

Let’s assume we are all brain dead

A flash of light, cloud of smoke, and a bang 

Might cause us to have amnesia

To forget Trump & co are Putin’s gang

Someone please talk to North Korea

Tell that leader who too is a freak

Measuring bombs by what the Feds know

A nuclear Armada is in our future — that’s bleak

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