BROKEN NEWS: What the Hell Happened Yesterday?

Yesterday was a news cluster-duck. (I never mean duck.) Sup with the DOJ, China, Trump, Macron, Clarence Thomas, and Lindsey Graham?

The following should have been televised on mainstream media, but it didn’t garner a mention. A news brief was held yesterday by high level officials of the Department of Justice. Word that there would be a news conference gave me false hope that Merrick Garland was finally ready to hold Trump accountable for any of his crimes.

Short version: Attorney General Merrick Garland announced several (9?) unsealed indictments of Chinese intelligence officers resulting from a ten-year investigation. An FBI double agent, who gave decoy documents to the People’s Republic of China agents, seems to have closed that deal. Garland did not mention any names apart from saying the indictments were against agents of PRC. (China)

And the all people (me) cried, “is that it?” I hoped for more. Let’s dissect this, anyway.

October 22, the Chinese Communist Party had its conference.

Former Chinese President Hu Jintao, seated next to Xi, was escorted out, while Xi twiddled his thumbs. We were witnessing the Chinese authoritarian regime in action.

Edited out of Chinese TV

October 23, Xi’s third term in power was confirmed. (That’s what Xi said.)

October 24, three separate cases and nine indictments were announced by the DOJ.

The first charged two Chinese spies with obstruction the investigation of a leading global provider of information and communications technology (ICT) infrastructure and smart devices. The FBI double agent was part of this case.

The second instance was of an attempt by the PCR to force a U.S. resident to return to China against his will.

The third incident pertained to Chinese intelligence officers (Guochun He and Zheng Wang) attempting to orchestrate a scheme to steal the prosecution strategy memo, witness lists, and other confidential evidence from the US attorney’s office for the eastern district of New York, the indictment said.


Remember when the FBI recovered highly classified documents from Trump’s home, Mar-a-Lago, and some of those documents included briefs related to the PRC. (China)

Classified papers seized from Trump home held U.S. secrets about Iran, China -Washington Post

Again, Hmm…

Who has gained access to President Trump and Mar-a-Lago through Cindy Yang?

Why would Trump play with the POC? Perhaps it’s because he’s just not that into U.S.

Remember when the Chinese government granted 18 trademarks to Ivanka Trump?

So, that’s that. Garland is a cat playing with his food. (Trump.) The news conference was about what is ahead for Trump.

Moving on, French President Macron has been criticized quite a lot, rightly so, for trying to be a “peacemaker” between Russia and Ukraine. Like Elon Musk, Macron suggests Ukraine lay down its arms and give its land to the losing side, the side that invaded their country, Russia, for the sake of peace.

Now even more frustrated, Macron calls on the Pope to speak with President Joe Biden, Russian Patriarch Kyrylo, and Putin, (who started the war in Ukraine,) with hopes of a faster end.

“We need the United States to sit down at the negotiating table to facilitate the peace process in Ukraine. Joe Biden has a real relationship of trust with the Pope. The Pope can influence him to restore American involvement in Ukraine,”Président Emmanuel Macron

The only palatable conclusion would be Russia exiting Ukraine and being brought to justice for their war crimes in The Hague.

My question: Does Macron’s (weird) desperate interest in Ukraine giving Putin land (so Putin can save face,) have something to do with the compromising info (on Macron’s sex life,) that was found at Mar-a-Lago?

À mon avis, oui.

Graham asks Supreme Court to intervene after election ruling

And the last story from yesterday: U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham, of South Carolina, (not Georgia,) asked the Supreme Court to intervene after a judge ruled he must testify before a Georgia grand jury. This is regarding the 2020 presidential election. You may remember Graham made a phone call to Georgia election officials asking them to change results.

SCOTUS Clarence Thomas, whose wife was instrumental in the planning of the 1/6 coup, has stopped the proceedings until the full SCOTUS can rule. This means that if Graham does testify, it won’t be until after the 11/8 election. That can only benefit the GOP.

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