This Week’s News… Limericks

News reports of some documents seized
Include Foreign capabilities
Nuclear secrets
Sold yet to zealots?
Compromised worldwide security


There are nine countries on the list
With nuclear arms such as this:
France, Russia, China,
Israel, India,
N Korea, Pakistan, UK, US

Material on foreign nation’s nuclear capabilities seized at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago – The Washington Post



Jake Tapper’s idea of news
Is a round table where pundits muse
T’would be so clever
If Biden endeavored
Plague the funeral of Queen Liz II
Invite Trump was Tapper’s suggestion
Thief of top-secret documentation
Crown’s security
An obscurity
Trump’s a spy with no good intention


A Judge came to the conclusion
Art. 14 of the Constitution
Must be enforced
A commissioner lost
Taking part in the insurrection

A New Mexico judge cites insurrection in barring a county commissioner from office


Amy Coney-Barrett is to rule
Though she’s anti-LGBTQ
In such a case
SCOTUS a disgrace
Hell bent on just being cruel

Amy Coney-Barrett to rule on LGBTQ case whose anti-LGBTQ attorneys paid her 5 times for speaking engagements


It has been brought to my attention
President Biden’s talk to the nation
Was not on TV
What was? King Charles III
First speech regarding his ascension


Today’s news is more than frustrating
I’m tired of reading then debating
That we need reform
VOTE, don’t conform
To politicians obfuscating

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