Bill Barr’s Motives

Donald Trump’s former United States Attorney General, Bill Barr, is on a press tour condemning Trump’s theft of confidential government documents, an act that has left our national security at risk. He also called Trump’s special master request a “waste of time”, adding: “Even if they are subject to executive privilege, they still belong to the government, and any other documents that were seized … those were seize-able under the warrant,”

Well, that’s great. Has Bill Barr become a good person? This is the same guy who in 2019 issued a misleading four-page summary of the Mueller report, withholding the 448-page document for over a month, after which he released a heavily redacted copy. Meanwhile, the public became bored, lost interest, and believed the investigation found nothing because that was what Bill Barr said. He essentially killed the report.

Barr’s bogus four-page summary was made public the morning after the 448-page document was handed over to him. One wonders if Barr prepared the synopsis before reading Mueller’s findings. Perhaps he’s a speed reader. If so he’s not good at comprehension. His revision of the Mueller report claimed they discovered no evidence that Trump obstructed justice. That false claim is in itself obstruction of justice.

“…if we had confidence after a thorough investigation of the facts that the President clearly did not commit obstruction of justice, we would so state.” ~Robert Mueller

Barr’s deceptive summary also stated Special Counsel Mueller found “no collusion.” Collusion is not a legal term, conspiracy is the word Barr was avoiding, and the report did not absolve Trump of that either.

Bill Barr did more to protect Trump:

He created the rule that “a sitting President cannot be indicted.” Over his entire two-year tenure, he functioned more like Trump’s personal attorney than the US Attorney General, leading the Department of Justice by protecting Trump from prosecution at all costs and thereby abusing his power.

Why is this relevant now?

What would impel Bill Barr to publicly condemn Trump’s theft of government documents, saying there is no valid reason that would excuse it?

“Legal experts have chimed in, saying Bill Barr ‘should be disciplined’ following release of ‘garbage’ Justice Department memo.”

Legal experts say Bill Barr ‘should be disciplined’ following release of ‘garbage’ Justice Department memo

Bill Barr is in trouble.

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit, a federal panel, comprising of three judges, upheld a ruling by a lower court. In a unanimous 3-0 vote, spelled out in 28-pages, the court found Barr’s Justice Department improperly withheld portions of an internal memorandum and they have ordered the public release of the redacted 2019 memo. They found the DOJ failed to accurately describe Mueller’s conclusions from the start, intentionally misleading the public with an announcement that then-President Donald Trump had not committed any crimes in the Russia investigation.

By criticizing Trump, Barr is controlling the narrative again. He’s providing the media with a statement that presents him in a better light. This is more of the same, Barr deflecting bad press. The story should be that his handling of the Mueller report was unethical at best, and criminal at worst.

5 thoughts on “Bill Barr’s Motives

  1. Trump deflects bad press. Barr deflects bad press. Common trait of liars, seems to me. And why in the heck does Trump get to have a special master? Who is this jackass judge? Oh wait. Trump appointed her. She opened her mouth to speak….yup. Lies. When does this all end?

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    1. I try not to get my hopes up and I’m still disappointed. I’m hoping Merrick Garland can out maneuver her, but I doubt she’s working alone, (Federalist Society.)

      I’m going to quote a group’s statement. They are-‘Call to Activism’ “We just filed an official complaint against Trump’s Judge Cannon with the 11th Circuit Judicial Council for egregious misconduct for obstructing the DOJ investigation. Judge Cannon violated her oath and is unfit for the bench. Her ruling is a clear cut impeachable offense and she may have engaged herself in obstruction of Justice. Judge Cannon’s decision not only showed an unusual amount of bias toward Donald Trump according to many legal specialists, but was legally erroneous. Judge Cannon also entered this tentative order before the Department of Justice prosecutors even had an opportunity to weigh in on the issue…”

      A complaint like this is great, but it will take too long.

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    2. She was pushed through Congress after Trump had lost the election and was rated by the American Bar Association as UNQUALIFIED. Mitch McConnell did untold damage.
      Also, as far as the complaint, the 11th circuit court is stacked with Trump judges.

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      1. This is so nuts. Having a jerk like Trump, who has no qualifications to run anything let alone a country, get elected unleashed irreparable damage to us. You think this was bubbling along all this time? All this hatred and discontent? The tide is slowly turning here in Florida with DeSantis. If Crist defeats DeSantis and Rebekah defeats Gaetz, I might have to learn how to smile again.

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      2. I’m glad to hear that! I think people are finally motivated to vote. 🤞🏼
        The most frustrating thing for me is that we knew. Hillary told us during the debates, the film ‘Active Measures’ told us, and we saw Trump’s staff walking out of the White House with stolen artifacts. We knew Kushner took a windfall payoff for giving the Saudis intel on Jamal Khashoggi. We read about the spike in numbers of US informants dying a year ago. Trump did all this in broad daylight. We did nothing to stop him. Justice takes too long. There are so many criminals still sitting in congress.
        We really are a mess.

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