Monday, Monday…


The Mamas & the Papas

Todays headlines of note: Ukraine, Trump’s unannounced trip to DC, Queen Elizabeth II, & etc.

Ukraine is kicking Russia’s ass.

Ukraine has been kicking ass for over a week, rapidly reclaiming territory that took Russian troops over six months to capture. “Southern Command: Russia lost over 1,800 troops in Ukraine’s south in two weeks.”~Nataliia Humeniuk, a spokesperson for the southern command of Ukraine’s Armed Forces, said Ukraine destroyed 500 armored vehicles, 122 tanks, two airplanes, and two helicopters.

Over the past 24 hours alone, Ukraine has taken back 20 villages. Russian pundits claimed their troops were regrouping to strike again, however, videos posted online show abandoned weapons artillery, and uniforms left behind, proving Russian soldiers bid a hasty retreat. Ukraine regains control over 3,000 sq km (1,158 sq miles) of territory in a potential turning point of the six-month war.

Ukraine war: Russians ‘outnumbered 8-1’ in counter-attack

Last night, a Russian missile strike hit a power grid that serves Ukraine, leaving a large population without power. Attacking a civilian power grid is a war crime, so add it to the list.

How much more will it take before Putin is ousted? There is no future for him as a leader after this … oh look—

“Several Russian Officials Propose The Removal Of Vladimir Putin From Office,” Beware of open windows.

Several Russian Officials Propose The Removal Of Vladimir Putin From Office

Trump was quietly flown from New Jersey to Dulles airport. He wore golf attire, including shoes.

Conjecture (the buzz) on the reason for Trump’s unannounced visit to DC:

  • He is retrieving Top-Secret Documents buried near Richard Nixon’s tombstone. Why the golf attire?
  • To participate in Jared’s scheduled DC speech – No. He’d be dressed in normal attire, and he’d have top billing.
  • A Medical emergency – If he is having Lindsey Graham extracted from his colon, why not fly into an airport closer to Walter Reed? Also, what’s wrong with top ranked Morristown Medical Center in New Jersey?
  • He was subpoenaed to appear before a grand jury. 🤔 Maybe… this would explain the radio silence, however, if this is the case he will plead the 5th, so don’t get excited.
  • A planned shakedown of a witness, or to obstruct justice by some other means. Meh. This possibility is still not inline with the golf attire.
  • He was arrested. This would also explain the secrecy, and if this is the case, thank God they didn’t catch him in his underwear.
  • The golf clothes might indicate he has a desire to golf elsewhere. No. It is raining in DC, and we know hair Donald does not do wet.
Urgently heading toward… a DC golf course?

My opinion is that Trump does nothing without turning it into a fund-raising con. His silence would indicate the only possibilities from the above list are the least favorable for him: an arrest or subpoena. I’m never right, so we shall see.

Not suspicious at all…😏

*UPDATE: Trump has reached his destination. He is not golfing, but is at his Virginia golf course, holding a meeting in what he believes is a secure location.

In other news:

The Queen is still dead.

Queen Elizabeth II

I will not apologize for my love of history. That interest includes the monarchy, extending as far back as the 10th century. It is fascinating to me. I’m not watching the constant funeral coverage, but I do check in occasionally.

King Charles III

What’s up with Charles’s sausage fingers?

Interestingly, Holy Roman Emperor King Charles V of Spain, whose kingdom spanned across Europe and Spanish America, also suffered gout. Researchers, including Dr. Pedro Luis Fernandez, a pathologist at the University of Barcelona, studied the 450-year-old mummified remains (the pinkie finger,) of said monarch. Historians believe his illness precipitated the end of his reign, prompting him to abdicate in 1556.

Tom Brady won his first post retirement game.

Did he choose to prioritize football over his marriage? I don’t watch football and find it hard to waste my empathy on the likes of Brady. He is among the filthy rich who took a PPP loan.

Twenty one year anniversary of 9/11

Twenty-one years later, I chose not to post or comment on the anniversary of 9/11. Jon Stewart is a good man.

Al Franken

One last observation: I love Al Franken… in a – he needs to return to the Senate now because nobody does this better than he does – kind of way.

5 thoughts on “Monday, Monday…

  1. Trump came to DC to ask Biden to pay 50/50 for his special master. If that doesn’t fly, expect an email asking for a GoFundMe. How can his attorneys even think that makes any kind of sense?!

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  2. AMEN on Al Franken!
    And sooner rather than later……….I’m still pissed at “what’s her name from New York” for promoting his ouster from the Senate

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