Truth Behind the SCOTUS’ Attack on Women

Today I’m deferring to the greater knowledge of others. Please take the time to read their writings.

First up, Greg Olear, who details the malfeasance and names the individual who built the court with corruption beyond the pale.


Leo the Cancer

Moving on. If you have read Justice Alito’s letter, his reasoning for ending women’s autonomy by way of ending reproductive rights, you know he cites Sir Matthew Hale. I googled Hale, but again, I know when to defer.

A professor with a PhD, whose expertise is women and gender in the early modern era (1500-1700,) wrote the following thread detailing Sir Matthew Hale. Her Twitter name is Dr. Literature_Lady.

*Spoiler: What an asshole.

After reading the above, my question is: What the Hell do we do with this information?

I’ll answer. We must vote in great numbers.

I’ve wasted some time on Reddit, Quora, Pinterest, Counter Social, and Twitter these past two weeks, hoping to find ways to increase my readership. What I’ve found instead, discouraged voters, a lot of whining about the futility of voting, and people who vow to never vote again. “The Democrats have congress and the White House, but still achieve nothing.”

I have two responses to that:

  1. While we have the House, the Senate is tied at 50/50. Two of our democratic senators have sold their souls votes. They waste time by negotiating on bills they have no intention to agree to, and then they vote with Republicans blocking any progress.
  2. You must know by now that when Russia interfered with the 2016 election, they used social media. They created fake accounts and talked people out of voting. Remember, 1/3 of the country stayed home? Voting is a civic duty. People have fought and died for the privilege of voting. I wish we, like Australia, would fine non-voters.

2 1/2. Not voting is stupid.

If you’ve made it this far, rest assured there is a prize, in the form of George Carlin. I’m convinced he was a time traveler… or ahead of his time.

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