Four Men and a Handmaiden

What is behind Republican lawmakers attack on women? Republicans love to disenfranchise voters. Specifically, they don’t want women voting. What better way to prevent it than by convicting as many as possible? Felons are ineligible to vote.

Not only do they demand a ban of all abortions, but they call to legislate IUD birth control and the Plan B morning-after pill. The morning after a zygote has yet to form. Are you angry yet? This might do it: They will investigate all miscarriages.

Alabamistan lawmakers want women to pee on a stick before they flee their state. If your result is positive when you leave, you had better come back with an occupied uterus. If your status has changed, you are a murder suspect. Their abortion restrictions begin at the moment of conception. There are no exceptions for rape, incest, or the health of the mother.

Yes, you do… usually.

From the moment of fertilization, the zygote has more rights than the woman, (as do guns, but that’s a discussion for another day.) In several states, abortion is illegal even in the case of an ectopic pregnancy, which the legislators must not understand.

An ectopic pregnancy is when an egg is fertilized in the fallopian tube. That’s where it stays. This is never a viable pregnancy. If the body doesn’t expel the cells, the fallopian tube will rupture and the mother will die without medical intervention. They don’t care. The woman’s life comes second to cells that rarely progress from zygote to the embryonic stage.

Incest and rape resulting in pregnancy are also not exceptions.

The United Nations defines forced pregnancy as a crime against humanity.

Forced pregnancy is considered a crime against humanity by the United Nations.

Four men and one handmaiden are exerting political power to oppress women. This week, the five justices in favor of Alito’s decree have found justifiably angry, but non-violent protesters marching on the streets where they live.

They lied. SCOTUS Clarence Thomas, whose wife attempted to overthrow the government, voted with the four pictured above.

The handmaiden I speak of is the religious zealot who replaced Ruth Bader Ginsburg, before rigor mortis had set in. In response to Alito’s letter ACB said abortion must be illegal because we have a shortage in our “domestic supply of infants.”~ Amy Coney Barrett

We have become totalitarian country where voting rights are only for one party, books that offer uncomfortable truths are banned, higher learning is discouraged for anyone whose family doesn’t possess hefty portfolio, healthcare is not for everyone, and now your uterus is a Gross Domestic Product (GDP.)
Even birth control is legislated, iuds in some states. The morning after pill comes with jail time. (Viagra is okay.)

Americans have the right to protest, but these justices are playing the victim card. Their privacy is not more valuable than that of every woman violated by Justice Alito.

In response to the protests, the Senate has just passed a bill extending security protections to the immediate family members of Supreme Court justices. The bill now moves to the House. It’s remarkable how fast the government can work. SCOTUS wants the privilege to take away a woman’s freedom without hearing complaints. Protesting on public streets near their homes violates their privacy. What else is a breach of privacy? Everything Republicans are doing to legislate a woman’s body.

70% of Americans support a women’s right to an abortion. The Supreme Court doesn’t care. Why is this misogynistic group of five allowed to disempower half the population? What kind of democracy is this?

Chicago Mayor

Senator Lisa Murkowski was livid at the Supreme Court when she heard of their action. Susan Collins was likely very disappointed. Now congress is attempting to codify Roe v Wade, to make it law, overriding the Supreme Court. Both will vote against it. Senator Joe Manchin is undecided. These are the usual suspects who block progress on every issue.

And just like that, we are living in a dystopian nightmare. Our land of the free now comes an asterisk to qualify exactly whom is free.
*The land is free for straight, white, men, (and perhaps their mistresses.)

6 thoughts on “Four Men and a Handmaiden

  1. For years I worked a Gynecological / High Risk Obstetric unit.

    Anyone presenting less than 20 weeks,( almost five months) pregnant and spotting or cramping was treated palliatively; made comfortable.

    Among all the other emotions I have ( one being disgust with the SCOTUS efforts), I’m totally befuddled that the above practice I mentioned is understood / not questioned. Oh, and Insurance carriers cover these compassionate overnight stays, big insurance carriers that lobby in D.C.!

    So, if your at home and about to start hemorrhaging, no one will fault you and Fortune 500 Insurance carriers will cover you if you make it to the hospital, but…if you make a conscientious decision about your body’s altered state that impacts no one but you, you’re going to jail.

    God, this is so personal.

    Thank you for your post.

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  2. “Domestic supply of infants”?!? That is one pretty sick statement right there. What a loving mother she must be! It’s also freaky because of the reverse: will abortions be required (probably of people with brown skin) when the domestic supply of infants needed is exceeded? One long time fear of mine is that the real goal in overturning RvW is not to outlaw abortion. It is to make the decision the right of the government. Once that precedent is set they will embark upon a pogrom. Mark my words. These people don’t give a tithe of a rodent’s hindquarters about life, especially brown skinned human life, and they never did. They play the long game and overturning RvW is a step along the way to population control, white supremacist style.

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  3. I find myself not quite knowing what to say Lydia. This is an excellent post, and the people are protesting as they must. It is very frightening.

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    1. There are people protesting, but not in the numbers they’ve come out in the past. I don’t know if people stopped paying attention and don’t see this for what it is or if they’ve lost hope.
      My hope is that it will result in a massive turnout at the November election.


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