Lying is Rewarded With Lifetime Appointments in the Supreme Court of the United States

Democrats are focused on the gravity of consequences inevitable by ending women’s reproductive freedoms. Information that the Supreme Court had held a vote on a draft penned by Justice Alito was leaked, and Republicans would have you focus on the leak itself, not the end of Roe V Wade, decided 49 years ago and considered established, having precedent. Four members of the Supreme Court lied when questioned, under oath, during their confirmation hearings, about their opinion of Roe.

Four of them lied under oath for the purpose of acquiring lifetime appointments. Lifetime appointments can be revoked by impeachment, even if we have to wait until we have a foolproof majority. *By foolproof, I mean (fool) Manchin and (fool) Sinema proof. The Senate judiciary can hold hearings reaffirming their lies, to keep it fresh in the minds of an attention challenged public. Republican Senators Collins and Murkowski, who acknowledged being lied to, can appear as witnesses.

They all voted in favor of abolishing that established case. With that vote they committed perjury.

Precedent settled Roe v Wade. Also settled by precedent is the fact that you can remove members of the SCOTUS via impeachment. Impeachment occurs in the House. Whether a simple majority there is possible is irrelevant because until we have a foolproof majority in the Senate, (*see definition above) there’s no way the 2/3 majority (67 votes) will be achieved, to convict and remove the perjury perps

A side note: the government does not legislate Men’s bodies. A vasectomy is a reversible form of male birth control that cuts the supply of sperm to semen.

Republicans, Fox News, and the SCOTUS itself, are selling the story that the focus of substance in the news was not the fact that women are losing their rights, or that four of nine justices provided proof that they lied in their job interview, but rather that someone leaked the news.

For them it is grave a crime, that we have discovered what this lying Supreme Court is plotting. They assure us that an investigation is underway to find the party who shared the news.

The irony of the argument, that said individual undermined the court’s integrity implies there was integrity in the SCOTUS after Justice Thomas’s wife texted Mark Meadows with a plan of how to unlawfully overturn the election. Thomas has not recused himself from any cases linked to his wife’s crimes – documented texts about a “left-wing heist.”

I believe Clarence Thomas’ confirmation, after credible accusations of sexual harassment, was the end of credibility for that branch of government.

Minority Senate Leader Mitch McConnell thanking a democrat, Senator Manchin, for voting with the republicans, again.

Mitch McConnell’s blocking of Merick Garland is simply an interjection, an exclamation point, in the story of the illegitimacy of the Supreme Court of these United States. A court that is made up by 1/3 justices appointed by a twice impeached, one-term president, who would not have been elected without the help of a Russian despot.

A peek at the history of the Supreme Court makes clear, it has not been adjusted to populace:

  • SCOTUS was founded in 1789 with six justices. The United States population was 3.9 million.
  • In 2022 we have nine justices and a population of 335 million.

While we can and should expand the court, the attempt would be an exercise in futility until we have “a foolproof majority.”

Speaking of pro-life, here are some facts on the veracity of that doctrine since Roe was handed down 49 years ago, “pro-lifers” in the US have committed:

  • 11 murders
  • 26 attempted murders
  • 4 kidnappings
  • 42 bombings
  • 667 bomb threats
  • 100 butyric acid attacks
  • 189 arsons
  • 663 Anthrax /bioterrorism threats
  • 25,000+ acts of phone harassment or hate mail

To anyone who tries to argue that this is about the life of a child. A zygote is not a child. If Republicans cared about babies, we would have free universal maternal care. We would have parental leave for everyone, like other countries, poor children would be fed and educated.This is not about babies. It is about controlling women by seizing control of their bodies.

Talks are underway in Congress to pass a law that protects women’s reproductive rights. If congress can accomplish that, it would render the SCOTUS decision irrelevant. Wake me up when we get there.


70% of Americans want Roe V Wade upheld. If you don’t see this as proof that America is not a democracy, then nothing will convince you. The minority rules here. That said, by secretly ending the popular 50-year precedent, this corrupt Supreme Court may have inspired enough people to vote to add to the insignificant democratic majority we have. If we can achieve that, we will need to move fast to revise our political system by cementing voter protection laws. Once that is accomplished, we can expand the court… then we can do anything.

4 thoughts on “Lying is Rewarded With Lifetime Appointments in the Supreme Court of the United States

  1. We need to keep the eyes on the crime, not the leak. Every time I hear that line about giving the decision right to legislators I think “how about giving it to the people themselves?” Any argument about the “intention” of the framers of the constitution is bogus. In those days abortion was considered a private matter not to be discussed and none of anyone else’s fill-in-your-preferred-expletive) business.

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  2. Yes, this is painful to read and also to watch on TV each evening at the moment. I thought the idea of vasectomy for young men was a good argument. It would never happen of course.

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