Women’s Rights > Inflation

After the repeal of Roe v Wade, democrats had a clear lead in polls for the midterm election to be held on November 8. There is a lot on the line with this midterm: the fate of women, seniors, and everyone who is not a straight, white, wealthy, and male. Looking at polls now, it … Continue reading Women’s Rights > Inflation

Iranian Women Fight Back

I will not pretend to be an expert on what’s happening in Iran. All I can do is offer you what I understand to be facts. I’ve included links so you can read the sources of my information, and I welcome clarification because I don’t get it. . Iran has “morality police.” They are nothing … Continue reading Iranian Women Fight Back

Four Men and a Handmaiden

What is behind Republican lawmakers attack on women? Republicans love to disenfranchise voters. Specifically, they don’t want women voting. What better way to prevent it than by convicting as many as possible? Felons are ineligible to vote. https://www.washingtonpost.com/national/alabama-senate-passes-nations-most-restrictive-abortion-law-which-makes-no-exceptions-for-victims-of-rape-and-incest/2019/05/14/e3022376-7665-11e9-b3f5-5673edf2d127_story.html Not only do they demand a ban of all abortions, but they call to legislate IUD birth … Continue reading Four Men and a Handmaiden

Truth Behind the SCOTUS’ Attack on Women

Today I’m deferring to the greater knowledge of others. Please take the time to read their writings. First up, Greg Olear, who details the malfeasance and names the individual who built the court with corruption beyond the pale. Link👇🏼 Leo the Cancer Moving on. If you have read Justice Alito’s letter, his reasoning for ending … Continue reading Truth Behind the SCOTUS’ Attack on Women

Lying is Rewarded With Lifetime Appointments in the Supreme Court of the United States

Democrats are focused on the gravity of consequences inevitable by ending women’s reproductive freedoms. Information that the Supreme Court had held a vote on a draft penned by Justice Alito was leaked, and Republicans would have you focus on the leak itself, not the end of Roe V Wade, decided 49 years ago and considered … Continue reading Lying is Rewarded With Lifetime Appointments in the Supreme Court of the United States