So, Bye-Bye, Representative King

Almost four years now we’ve been on our own; America's become a danger zone. While Bunker boy takes to take the field The marching crowd has been maced to yield. ~ This isn't how it was meant to be; Forefathers fought for this country. Would Blackwater thugs beat them away? But I have happy news … Continue reading So, Bye-Bye, Representative King

Overlooked Trump Court Battle

On January 3, 2020, attorneys for fully gorged, canker-blossomed, squatting lewdster, our pustulant POTUS asked a New York judge to dismiss a rape case filed by advice columnist E jean Carroll alleging that he raped her in a New York department store dressing room twenty years ago. Our lumpish leader's attorneys argued for dismissal, based … Continue reading Overlooked Trump Court Battle

Brett Kavanaugh is Above the Law… a poem

"The allegations contained in the complaints are serious, but the Judicial Council is obligated to adhere to the [Judicial Conduct and Disability] Act," ~10th Circuit panel Definition of bullshit:A Judge, case in point Brett Kavanaugh, Lies, it was televised, we all saw He made partisan misstatements during His Supreme Court confirmation hearings HE clearly LIED, … Continue reading Brett Kavanaugh is Above the Law… a poem

Nancy Pelosi vs Misogyny… a poem

Midterm results: GOP majority overthrown Will Democrats FOCUS on Trump before they eat our own? “I'm not sure what it is, there's something about her I despise.”  That explanation... 🤔 it's familiar, this question applies: ~ Why do 5 "centrist" white guys want to oust Nancy Pelosi? When (not if) Trump/Pence are impeached, dem majority, … Continue reading Nancy Pelosi vs Misogyny… a poem

Why Vote Blue? A Few Rhyming Reasons for You:

Trump/Russia is true  Kleptocracy too Voter suppression Nazi aggression Making racists afraid Medicare, Medicaid Social Security Net Neutrality Conditions Preexisting Arctic/offshore drilling Press— First Amendment  Immigrant treatment  Babies in cages Minimum wages White Nationalists Plea dealt strategists Assault victims voice My body my choice Rapey Kavanaugh Medical Marijuana MeToo, Dod Frank  Deregulation of banks Billionaire … Continue reading Why Vote Blue? A Few Rhyming Reasons for You:

More Witches Indicted

*Caution, this post contains strong language, such as: Fuck Prick Bullshit Asshole The C word If these words are offensive to you, please check back tomorrow. Where we stand today. We still stand... slouching a bit at Trump’s continued idiocy, but standing nonetheless. My post yesterday left us at lunch with Theresa May. A press … Continue reading More Witches Indicted